Wives of several Romanians working in Libya claim their husbands are held captive and threatened with guns

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The wives of several Romanians working in Libya claim their husbands are held captive in the city of Misurata, being threatened with guns. The Romanian Foreign Ministry (MAE) says it is making efforts regarding the repatriation of the workers, adding that some information given by the women is not verified, Mediafax reports.
Two wives of the seven Romanians in Libya, working in constructions, claim that in early June they left for Libya, after being promised by a Libyan student in Craiova that they will have a contract and will each earn EUR 500 per month, will receive daily allowances and phone cards to communicate more easily with their families in the country.
The promises never came true, the men are allegedly held against their wish in a city in Libya, Misurata, claim the two women.
“On June 7, when they arrived, the owner welcomed them at the airport, put them in a house, but took their passports saying that he has to go to the Police to register them. On June 8, they began work on a construction site, but were given a single modem to call their families back home. On that day, they found out that only one phone is connected to the internet. Then the owner refused to conclude contracts, to give them the phones and the money promised. Every day the owner was unhappy that the wall they worked on is crooked, that there are bad artisans,” one of the wives of the seven men in Libya said.
In addition, she argues, the seven were threatened with guns and were fired at.
She also said that last week shots were fired on them, and a car tried to run over some of them.
“We fear for their lives, they were threatened to be buried on the construction sites and nobody will find out about them, guns were put against their heads. We fear for the lives of all seven. They had a panic attack. They write messages that the owners want to sell him as slaves to another employer,” said the woman.
The two women claim they filed complaints to Galati County Police, DIICOT and to MAE, but nothing was solved so far, and the men risk being killed if they do not accept to work for the new Libyan employer.
On the other hand, MAE shows that some information submitted by the workers’ families do not confirm.
“The Romanian Embassy in Tripoli, relocated to Tunis due to the security situation in the area, is aware of the situation of the Romanian citizens in Libya since June 25, 2015 and is making arrangements for their return to the country. The Foreign Ministry said that the information regarding negotiations for the sale of Romanian citizens as slaves to another owner in Libya are not true. Also, the information that Romanian citizens were threatened with a gun is not confirmed. Romania’s diplomatic mission is in constant contact with the group of Romanian citizens, with their families and with the competent authorities in Libya,” MAE informs.

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