Woman accidentally shot in the head by policeman in Reghin

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A woman from Reghin, Mures county, has been accidentally shot in the head by a policeman who was chasing a runaway driver on Friday night. The victim has been operated in Cluj and is in critical condition.

Neurosurgeons say that her condition is „slightly favorable”, and they are to gradually wake her up from the induced coma.

The incident occurred in Reghin on Friday night when several traffic policemen tried to stop a driver in traffic. However, the driver ignored the traffic policemen signals and went on driving.

So, the police officers started chasing the car. Near Alunis locality, the car was spotted again and tried to make the driver stop, again without any luck.

A police officer from the squad shot at the car, but, unfortunately, the bullet bounced and hit a 59-year-old woman from the locality who was passing by the area.

The policemen dropped the pursuit action and gave the woman the first aid, also asking for the ambulance.

The victim was rushed to the Emergency Hospital in Mures, then transferred to the Neurosurgery Hospital in Cluj-Napoca.

The runaway driver was eventually caught in Rastolita locality and was remanded.

Judiciary sources told mass media the driver who accidentally shot the woman is 48 years old and used his gun as the car was speeding to the police squad.

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