Woman prosecutor commits suicide by jumping from the 5th floor of the Prosecutor General’s Office


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A woman prosecutor with the Prosecutor General’s Office has committed suicide on Friday by jumping from the fifth floor of the institution, Digi 24 TV private broadcaster reports. A call to 112 announced that a woman threatens to jump off the fifth floor of the headquarters of the Prosecutor General’s Office. Until the arrival of the intervention forces, the woman jumped and has died instantly.

Judicial sources have declared that she had several health problems, suffered from depression and was allegedly dissatisfied for being replaced as spokesperson for the Prosecutor General’s Office. She worked as prosecutor with the Public Information and Press Office for almost 17 years.

Ramona Daniela Bulcu was spokesperson with the Prosecutor General’s Office attached to the High Court of Cassation and Justice until 2017 and was working at the Human Resources Office. Bulcu was not an operative prosecutor and did not file any criminal prosecution file at the Prosecutor General’s Office.

The Prosecutor General’s Office has announced on Friday that the prosecutor who died after jumping down from a height of 20 meters from the institution building is Ramona Daniela Bulcu, former spokesman for the structure, stating that the causes of the event are being investigated.

“Today, April 26, 2019, our colleague, Ramona Daniela Bulcu, has died and the event is under investigation, in order to understand the circumstances in which the death has occurred. The colleagues with the Prosecutor General’s Office upon the High Court of Cassation and Justice stand beside the family in these tragic moments,” the Information Office says.

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