Woman sends reply on paternity test to Prince Nicolae


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The woman reportedly giving a child with former Prince Nicolae has sent a reply to the former member of the Royal House, gandul.info reports.

Nicoleta Cîrjan wrote on Facebook:

“I wanted peace and discretion, but apparently it could not be so. For the sake of truth and fairness, I post the answer sent by e-mail upon the request of Mr. Nicholas Mills Medforth’ lawyer dated 03.09.2016, which is my only position on the topic:

“Esteemed barrister,

In reply to the address sent in the name of your client Nicholas Medforth-Mills on 03.09.2016, I reveal the following:

– As results also from our former correspondence concerning the paternity test by your client, I’ve repeatedly asked for this test both at the Mina Minovici National Forensic Institute in Bucharest and at an accredited private clinic, but your client has refused this test at an accredited private clinic;

– I haven’t made public the fact that Mr. Nicholas Medforth-Mills is the father of my child, your address being intimidating and even offensive, given that I have asked your client so many times to collaborate in discretion and to perform a paternity test at a private clinic, to put end to this situation. Moreover, the fact that I kept secret the identity of the father and did not comply with media requests to speak on the subject, in order to protect your client’s image, has brought me image and reputation damages;

– Your insistence to conduct the paternity test only at the Mina Minovici National Forensic Institute in Bucharest and only until September 19, 2016 raises suspicions and therefore I insist that this test be performed primarily at an accredited private clinic in Brasov County, where me and the child live, at a date to be jointly agreed and then at IML Bucharest;nicoleta-cirjan

– I reserve the right to bring proceedings in courts in the paternity case when I consider proper, the action is imprescriptible.”

Prince Nicolae released on Thursday a statement, after being removed by King Mihai in from the line of succession to the throne in August last year, saying that this year a woman has claimed to have a child with the former third heir to the throne and that he is prepared to assume all legal obligations, but only after a paternity test. He said, in a statement posted on his Facebook page, he has invited the woman, Nicoleta Cirjan, along with her daughter, at the Mina Minovici Forensic Institute.

photo 2: cancan.ro

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