Woman, victim of erroneous blood transfusion, in serious condition. Family to sue CF2 hospital


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The condition of the 39 y.o. woman, victim of an erroneous blood transfusion at the CF2 hospital in Bucharest last week, has worsened. Doctors with the University Hospital say another surgery might be needed, digi24.ro informs.

The woman was subject on Monday of an investigation with Computer Tomograph and the doctors are to decide if she needs another surgery and new methods of treatment further on. In the last 24 hours, the patient developed complications. A kidney failure occurred, she is since Saturday on dialysis.

Meanwhile, the patient’s family is preparing to sue the CF2 hospital and health inspectors from the Health Ministry are to announce the sanctions against the medical staff guilty of medical error.

She received an erroneous blood transfusion following a surgery at CF2 hospital on July 26.

The woman underwent last week an oncology surgery. She suffered from cervical cancer at an early stage. 24 hours after the surgery she began having serious internal bleeding which lasted until past Thursday, subsequently having pulmonary depression. All this time she was undergoing transfusions. The woman had blood group 0, but she was given blood group AB4.

The Health Ministry confirmed that the patient’s condition was aggravated due to this erroneous transfusion. The Minister of Health has started an investigation to see exactly how these transfusions occurred.

Sources say the unit of CF2 Hospital performing surgery did not have operating license.

This is the second case reported in the medical system in recent months. A woman died in hospital after a wrong blood transfusion at the Hospital for Burns and an investigation discovered that the hospital’s transfusion unit was operational for more than a year without license.

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