Woman who claims having a child with Nicolae Medforth-Mills says she has never refused to take paternity test


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Nicoleta Cîrjan, the woman who claims she has a child with King Michael’s grandson, Nicolae Medforth-Mills, says she has never refused to take a DNA paternity test, adding she asked for this test to be taken in two different places. Her reaction came after Nicolae Medforth-Mills had said that the woman had never wanted to take a paternity test.

For the last time, I remind you: I have never refused to take a DNA test with Iris! All I have asked is to have it in two different places (including to toss for them). Now, 10-point question for all my grumblers: if he has good intentions regarding his child why is he refusing to take two tests?” Nicoleta Cîrjan posted on Facebook.

Nicolae Medforth-Mills stated that he had wanted to have a patemrnity test many times, but Nicoleta Cîrjan has never showed up.

As for the scandal in the royal family on Nicolae’s failed attempt to break into his grandfather’s resident in Switzerland to see him, Nicoleta Cîrjan stated “it is a shameful scandal”.

At this moment when the Romania’s King lays dying, I think it’s a proof of minimum respect for His Majesty to all be silent. So, I am silent out of devoutness, not because I don’t have things to say. I prefer not to fuel this shameful scandal in any way. I assume the fact that, be not replying to the lies that are rumored about me, I am denigrated and people are still building a image about me that is far-off what I really am,” the woman concluded.

Nicolae’s mother, princess Elena, explained in her latest press release this week that the King didn’t want to see his grandson “because of his behaviour without moral principles”. “The King himself, finding out about the marriage announced by my son, addressed Nicolae a private letter on August 4, 2017, reading that he is deeply saddened that he did nothing to sort out the paternity of his alleged child, a two-year old girl. This reveals an unacceptable lack of responsibility,” the statement reads.

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