Woman who gave birth in a private clinic in Bucharest tests positive for COVID-19

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A woman who gave birth to MedLife Grivita Maternity Hospital in Bucharest has been diagnosed with COVID-19. During delivery, the woman started to show symptoms and she was tested for the new coronavirus. The test came out positive.

On admission, the woman gave a written affidavit that she had not traveled abroad in a risky area and that she had made no contact with any other person suspect of COVID-19, but, later on, she admitted she had contact with a person returned from Spain.

“On March 13, the patient was admitted to MedLife Grivita Maternity Hospital to deliver the baby, as she experienced contractions. On admission, the patient had no symptoms for coronavirus and she declared in a written statement that she had not traveled to any risk area and that she had made no contact with any person suspect of COVID-19 or who had returned from the yellow or red areas (…) During the C-section, the patient spiked a fever and under these circumstances the patient changed her statement, mentioning that she had actually made contact with a person who had recently come back from Spain”, reads a MedLife press release.

The clinic added that the medical staff that conducted the C-section had contacted the Public Health Direction to assess this case, while the public health officials told the private clinic that the patient did not meet the criteria to be tested for COVID-19.

“A week after she gave birth, the patient had fever again and developed pneumonia. So, on March 20, doctors insisted that she is tested for COVID-19. During all this time, the patient was isolated from the other patients and the medical staff. On the evening of March 23, the result of test arrived and she was confirmed positive for coronavirus. The patient and the baby were transferred to “Matei Bales” Infectious Disease Hospital. Both the mother and the baby were in good condition, with the mother presenting a respiratory symptomatology in remission”, the press release concluded.

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