Women protesting against mild punishments for child abusers, fined by gendarmes

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Tens of women who protested in front of the Bucharest Tribunal last Friday against mild punishments received by child abusers, have been fined by gendarmes, although their protest had been a peaceful one.

Women were reading the sentences pronounced in various cases, when aggressors were either released on parole, or they got away with less years in prison.

Girl aged 11, man rapes her and posts images on social media. The aggressor gets two years on probation“, reads one of the banners.

Girl aged 13, repeatedly raped by her father. The aggressor sentenced to three years on probation“.

How do you get away with a rape, judges?”

The protesters asked magistrates to handle these serious case better and stop taking after the prejudices of the society, also urging that rapers should not be investigated on the loose anymore and that they should be monitored after they are released from jail.

A study by Salvati Copiii NGO reads that in 80% of the sexual abuse cases against children, the assaulted minors are under the age of 10 and in many case aggressors are not even known in the police’s records.

At the end of the protest, the women received a RON 600 fine for public disturbance. The gendarmes argued that the protest would have taken place in the tribunal’s parking, which is not public space.

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