Workers of Astra Rail factories in Arad and Caracal, on strike, ask for higher wages

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Hundreds of workers of Astra Rail Industries factories in Arad and Caracal, Olt have gone on strike, refusing work and picketing the offices of the Greenbrier U.S. company that owns Astra Rail Industries. First to abandon work were the workers in Arad on Thursday, while their colleagues in Caracal have joined the protest on Friday.

According to, those 300 workers in Arad are asking for higher wages and they are discontent with the employers’ plans to give much lower pay rises than initially promised. Moreover, problems are also related to those hundreds of Indians hired in the Arad plant.

According to sources quoted by the local newspaper, the management of the company has already decided to withdraw money for the plane tickets for the trip from India to Romania.

According to an employee of the plant in Arad, people’s salaries have been increased by sums ranging from RON 2 to RON 50 and the Romanians helped their Indian colleagues with food, but eventually Indians refused to work anymore. Moreover, it seems that Astra Rail chiefs would have decided to cut the wages of the Indian employees, pledging the new legal provisions.

Romanian workers have joined their Indian colleagues’ protest and they have all gone on strike are asking for a pay rise ranging from 30 to 40 percent. For now, negotiations with the management have been unsuccessful.

The employees of Astra Rail factory in Caracal have also stopped worked today, claiming low salaries. Around 130 workers from the morning shift have gone on spontaneous strike, saying they will refuse to resume work as of Monday as well if they don’t get a minimum 10 percent pay rise. 350 welders and 250 locksmiths are working in the factory in Caracal. Their net monthly income is RON 1,200-RON 1,300.

Rolling stock producer Astra Rail Industries is controlling the wagon factory Astra Vagoane Arad, Romvag Caracal and Meva Turnu Severin and has over 100 years of manufacturing.

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