World premiere: The laser in Magurele has reached peak power

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World premiere – the laser in Magurele (south of Bucharest) has reached the peak power, 10 PetaWatts, the Government has announced.

The Romanian component of the ELI Project is focused in the field of nuclear physics (ELI-NP) and is being built at Magurele, within the Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering – Horia Hulubei (IFIN-HH). The installation of the system in the ELI-NP building started in September 2016, has been in the final testing procedure, reaching the proposed power of 10 PW, the world’s largest power, at this time, informs.

Nobel Prize-winner for Physics, Professor Gerard Mourou recently highlighted the major role that the construction of this system in Romania has contributed to the award.

The Government says that this success – the world’s most powerful laser – will be marked on Wednesday with an event organized at ELI-NP Magurele.

Extreme Light Infrastructure-Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) is the world’s largest research project on lasers and is part of a pan-European project. The total cost of the Magurele laser project is EUR 356.2 million. The project is co-financed with EUR 311 million by European funds.


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