Young man killed by bear in Harghita

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A 30-year-old man from Harghita county has died in the ambulance on Friday after he had been attacked and seriously injured by a bear, near Criseni village. The man died in the ambulance that was rushing him to hospital. The chairman of Harghita county council said that there had been a request to take the bear of that wood, but the request had been denied.

It’s unacceptable there has been an attack in the wood and the victim died in the ambulance. There was a request last year that this bear should be taken out, but the Environment Ministry refused. I wonder whose responsibility this case is. What we were afraid of the past years, happened today unfortunately,” said the local leader, Borboly Csaba.

The man had two children who are now in the grandmother’s care, as their mother is left to work abroad.

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