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SoundArt Festival brings RIVERSIDE, next year

Planet of Zeus, Viper Soup Complex and Purple Caravan are the new guests at the same festival!

by Monica Apostol

RIVERSIDE returns. The band who have been around since 2001, who have so far released six long players, a compilation, two mini albums and two live albums, and who have played numerous tours across the world. That band is coming back this year with their seventh studio album called “Wasteland”.

This new release will be also performed in Romania, next year, in Bucharest, at SoundArt Festival 2019 on March 10 and they will play a special set based on this new material.

Alongside RIVERSIDE, on the same stage, will perform Planet of Zeus, Viper Soup Complex and Purple Caravan! Tickets can be purchased via iabilet.ro!

“RIVERSIDE have found their style for good,” says Mariusz Duda. “I remember the moment when we officially announced that we would continue as a trio,” mentions Duda, the vocalist and main composer in the band. “We were doing a photo shoot at the Polish seaside. I said to the guys, ‘Let’s remember that this is just the beginning. Many of our fans can’t imagine an album without Grudzień and for some of them the band ceased to exist when he died. We have to prove that we are able to survive not only by playing concerts but, most of all, by recording a new album.'”The tragedy that be fell in February 2016 called into question  the very existence of RIVERSIDE. The co-founder and guitarist of the band, Piotr Grudziński, died suddenly just before his 41st birthday. RIVERSIDE cancelled all the concerts planned for that year and dedicated the album “Eye of the Soundscape”, released in September 2016, to their late friend. “‘Eye of the Soundscape’ is a compilation of old and new things,” says Duda,”but it’s not a successor to ‘Love, Fear and the Time Machine’. It is not yet a new music chapter. The new chapter begins now, this year.”

Earlier, in the spring of 2017, RIVERSIDE resumed playing live. During the “Towards the Blue Horizon” tour the band were joined on stage by Maciej Meller who officially joined RIVERSIDE as their live guitarist. Why has he not become the official fourth member of the band?

“It’s not so simple,” Duda explains. “To catch up with 15 years takes time. I love Maciej but everything has to have its place and time. For now we are a quartet only live.”Back then, Duda had already had an idea for another release. To begin a new chapter of RIVERSIDE, they would have to record an album from the point of view of someone bereft, someone who has survived a tragedy. The fact that the album would be recorded without their guitarist might result in having to experiment musically a little more than usual but, most of all, it might translate into deeper symbolism and carry a more profound meaning. “I had a feeling we would be alright and we could make something beautiful and exceptional,” he recalls.

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