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Soviet Hippies

Soviet Hippies & Lemonade Joe – culture and counter-culture behind the Iron Curtain

Within the second week of Documentary Mondays and Fiction Tuesdays, the Czech Centre in Bucharest proposes a new travel in time. Spectators will be able to meet the people and ideas behind the hippie mainstream in the Soviet Union on Monday, November 5, as of 8 p.m. and to explore the fantastic world of the Czech Western movies on Tuesday (also 8 p.m.).

Pop culture and counter-culture elements will be introduced on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

Documentary Mondays brings along the „Soviet Hippies” documentary, directed by Estonian Terje Toomistu, while lemonade is served at Fiction Tuesdays, more precisely „Lemonade Joe”, directed by Oldrich Lipsky, a benchmark of the New Wave in the Czech cinema and a parody of the western movies the same time.

Following the traces of the hippie movement of the Soviet Union, we discover the underground psychedelic atmosphere of the 1970s: in the shadow of a coercive political regime, a gathering of artists, musicians and other nonconformists created their own System inside the Soviet Union.

Tuesday evening is booked for the Wild West and we get the chance to meet Joe, an abstinent gunman who is fighting to justice in a small town of brandy drinkers. After saving beautiful Winnifred of some hooligans, the locals are impressed by Joe’s heroism and open a bar where only non-alcoholic drinks are served, which is annoying for the local hard liquor retailers. They join forces with a prostitute whose heart had been wounded by Joe in the past and they come up with an evil plan to kill the hero and bring the alcohol consumption back in Stetson City.

Venue: Czech Centre in Bucharest (11 Ion Ghica street), Monday and Tuesday, as of 8 p.m. Free entrance, beer on the house.

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