11 months since the Colectiv tragedy: Striking exhibition on display. Charitable concert on October 30


Romania prepares to commemorate probably the largest and most tragic collective accident in the past 26 years: the Colectiv tragedy, when 64 people died in a fire occurred on the Colectiv nightclub in Bucharest on October 30.

A photo exhibition depicting the tragedy’s effect was launched during the past weekend in the Capital, while a charitable rock concert will be held precisely on October 30 to mark one year since the tragic event. Both events, the concert and the exhibition are hosted by Arenele Romane (Roman Arenas) in Bucharest.

24 photos capturing the aftermaths of the Colectiv tragedy were on display at Arenele Romane. A Bucharest photographer captured the drama of a young woman seriously injured in the Colectiv fire: Tedy Ursuleanu survived the blaze, but the burns left impressive traces on her face and body. Photographer Alex Csiki’s works can be bought and the money raised will go to the victims of other fires.

Tens of Bucharesters came to see the exhibition that focuses on the survivors. “There are photos that have a very strong emotional charging for me, personally,” Tedy Ursuleanu told Digi 24.

Other survivors of the Colectiv fire were present at the varnishing day on October 1.

“I was Tedy’s ward mate at AKH clinic in Vienna. Fortunately I was luckier, as I was less affected. I am glad that I am here. The photos are truly traumatizing. I am recalling the events 11 months ago. The photos reveal what the tragic event represented,” said another survivor, Ionut Liviu Popescu.

Organizers also offered visitors a silence show, to pay tribute to the Goodbye to Gravity rock band that was performing at the Colectiv club that fatidic night of October 30, 2015. Only one chair was taken on the stage, the one of vocalist Andrei Galut, the only survivor of the five members of the band. They all died in the tragic fire.

Charitable concert on October 30

Part of the injured in the Colectiv fire together with the Promusic Events Association and the Red Cross will organize a charitable rock event at Arenele Romane in Bucharest on October 30, to commemorate one year since the tragic blaze. Vama Antract, Nicu Covaci and Holograf rock bands and singers are performing among others. Young rock bands such as Up to Eleven or 9.7 Richter, whose members have been injured in the fire, are also performing.afis-concert-caritabil-colectiv-arenele-romane-octombrie-2016

The money raised from the concert will be directed through the Red Cross to the victims of the Colectiv fire who still needs treatment. The entrance will be available by donation (RON 60 or RON 100).

In the tragic fire occurred 11 months ago, one of the most promising band of the new rock wave, Goodbye to Gravity, lost four of its five members during the concert launching their second album “Mantras of War”.

64 young people lost their lives in the fire: photographers, illustrators, journalists (some of them were writing about rock music since early 90s), sound technicians, friends and fans. Other 160 people were injured, some of them being mutilated for the rest of their lives.

“Let’s not forget about the injured. Besides those 64 youngsters, who passed away too early, over 160 injured are fighting the physical and psychical problems which are hard to hurdle,” says Promusic Events Association.

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