“153 Seconds”, the first theatre performance inspired by the Colectiv tragedy, premiering on October 27

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153 Seconds” is a theatre play which calls into question the political, emotional and moral implications of a moment that has mobilized an unprecedented solidarity movement, but also a complex reflection process over the Millennials generation. The performance starts from the story of a girl who survived the Colectiv deadly fire occurred in 2015 and becomes an artistic essay over a generation in the deadlock. The performance analyses the condition of young adult in Romania, the change, and particularly the imaginary of the change.

Ioana Paun. Photo Credit Razvan Leucea

153 seconds, the fire in the Colectiv nightclub lasted for 153 seconds. A fireman who entered the club on fire remembered the image of tens of mobile phones ringing, almost all at the same time, with the same name on the screen: mom or dad. An industrial container, built to be sealed, is painted in orange and placed at the club’s entrance. It is blocking the exit. Then, time is diluting all. The anger, the speech, the intentions.

The show is made by a team of 20 artists who have assumed the mission to debate the culture of the Millennials through music, theatre, poetry, journalism or dance.

The research, signed by director Ioana Păun, next to journalist Laura Ștefănuț, actress Smaranda Nicolau and poet Svetlana Cârstean, has rejoined the main topics debated in the public space, the testimonies of some victims, who were at various moments of their healing or trauma processing, opinions of psychologists, NGOs that provided assistance to the victims.

The team also includes choreographer Andreea David, pop artist Cătălin Rulea or composer Sillyconductor.

153 Seconds will have its premiere on October 27 and 28, as of 19.30h at the National Dance Center in Bucharest. Tickets: RON 35 or RON 20 (discounted price).

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