2016 Horoscope! Read the astrological message for every zodiacal sign

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Aries 2016 Horoscope – What is to favour or to peril career, job and money during the next year?

Even at the very beginning of the year and then again in June, there are great work-related opportunities in the Aries yearly horoscope for 2016. Either you will find a job after a long time of being in for it or you just get a better offer, the sure thing is the North Node – Jupiter conjunction in Virgo brings a chance that will influence your professional activity on a long time basis. What you need to do is to be cooperative and adaptable, to be a team player that is to make you useful/supportive for your colleagues, to meet your deadlines and to be well-organized, the conjunction requires. A better offer at the above mentioned time doesn’t mean necessarily a spectacular growth in terms of money, but certainly means … Continue reading on the original source

Taurus 2016 Horoscope – Career, job and money to be transformed in 2016 for long term results

During 2016 you still search for your individual way in career and the difficulties or just the prospective instability any change in this filed is expected to bring are to induce some anxiety for you. The Aries yearly horoscope for 2016 shows that it’s like an inner call for rebellion, Uranus says in your twelfth astrological house. Moreover, the tense aspects he is going to receive from the Black Moon (Lilith) in January and from Jupiter in December are to make you feel captive of the conflict between the eagerness to succeed for your own … continue reading on the original source

Gemini 2016 Horoscope – Demanding planetary transits to influence career, job and money

During January, February, June and July 2016, Mars is transiting Scorpion, the sign which is responsible for work in your chart .The Gemini yearly horoscope shows that you have huge ambitions that make act with determination in order to be in control of tasks, but also of your team or collaborators. Especially while Mars goes retrograde in Scorpio that is May 27 – June 30, you tend to take action in a hidden and manipulative manner for so exerting the power you need over the work environment or just for keeping a job or a certain level of money gain. Nevertheless, the transit can be helpful for … continue reading on the original source

Cancer 2016 Horoscope – Fears to undermine career and money

Especially before May 20, the Black Moon (Lilith) transiting Libra brings fears of losing the peace and harmony at home. The 2006 yearly horoscope for Cancer indicates unexpected changes or erratic developments in your career that will stir those fears. It will prove to be hard to deal with such situations that only intend to make you radically transform your manner of exerting power in any relationship and to understand you don’t own anybody else. Thence, the first part of the year is highly shaky regarding continue reading on the original source

Leo 2016 Horoscope – What conditions Leo must meet for career, job and money opportunities during the next year?

There will be helpful transits targeting the money you earn from job, but also the way you spend them. At the very beginning of the year and then again even in better circumstances in June, the North Node – Jupiter conjunction in Virgo brings an opportunity to set a practical, responsible and economical approach towards spending money on a long term basis. You need to spend money thinking more of usefulness and less of glitter. Moreover, the same very important astrological aspect in the Leo 2016 Horoscope is very probable to mark the moment of bigger money gain from work, especially for those natives who prized organization and being always on duty in their … continue reading on the original source

Virgo 2016 Horoscope – Negotiations for money and job to influence the career

Overall, the 2006 horoscope for Virgo shows a lots of opportunities for making profit of your talents and abilities on condition of acting self-confident in collaborations and negotiations. First of all, the Node North during the entire year and Jupiter until September 9, 2016 are two astrological elements meant to help you in any endeavour on a long term basis. All you have to do is to be practical, organized, adaptable, but these are natural for you anyway. What you mustn’t do is to worry too much and to lose the faith in yourself, especially when Jupiter retrograde in Virgo will be square to Saturn in Sagittarius (the second half of April) and … continue reading on the original source

Libra 2016 Horoscope – Huge desires for money to influence the job and career path

Several transits and astrological aspects are to rebound upon your job, career and money during 2016, the yearly horoscope for Libra shows. It’s the Black Moon (Lilith) precisely in your sign until May 20 that influences your personality through fears of losing certain partnerships or collaborations. As a matter of fact, your attitude might become manipulative or even double-tongued in an attempt to keep those relationships. The toughest challenges are to come in January, when your lack of self-confidence can stir a feeling of insecurity that, further on, is to affect your career. Perhaps many Libra natives will prefer to continue reading on the original source

Scorpio 2016 Horoscope – What changes to expect for Scorpio in career, job and money during the next year?

There are several challenges linked to your job and career, but we all know that challenges usually motivate you. One of the most important planetary transit of the year will be Mars through Scorpio as he is going to move retrograde here between May 27 and June 30, the Scorpio horoscope for 2016 shows. Your determination has deep roots and, therefore, it’s very powerful. The question is: how far are you going to push your ambitions for succeeding? When retrograde, Mars in Scorpio might become a powerful weapon either though brutality (counting on the fears of the others) or through manipulation (taking advantage of the other’s weaknesses linked to their background). So, be aware of how continue reading on the original source

Sagittarius 2016 Horoscope – Good achievements in career

The North Node (the entire year) and Jupiter (until September 9) go through Virgo on the tenth astrological house responsible for career and social image. So, you can expect many good achievements as results of perseverant work done through the years, of a helpful attitude towards team work, but also of a good name as regards morality. The Sagittarius 2016 horoscope shows a few times that seem to be the most favourable for career growth. One is to occur at the very beginning of the year, along with the North Node – Jupiter conjunction. Then again in June, when this conjunction is trine Pluton in Capricorn, a combination that can bring you both career achievements and more… Continue reading on the original source

Capricorn 2016 Horoscope – New developments linked to professional area

Career and social image have been two fields suffering many changes in the last years as eclipses and the North Node made substantial impact upon your tenth astrological house. The 2016 horoscope for Capricorn brings along new challenges, but also opportunities regarding your career.

The first part of the year is probably the most difficult as the Black Moon (Lilith) is in Libra, precisely on the career area in your chart. Moreover, it will form tense aspects especially in January, so you have to face temptations coming to you along with either spoken or no spoken promises that they will help you grow in career. The temptations actually address your ambitions … continue reading on the original source

Aquarius 2016 Horoscope – What to expect regarding career, job and money for Aquarius next year?

There is a lot of energy expecting to be used for career growth thanks to Mars transiting Scorpio, the sign responsible for that area of your life. If your plans need determination and deep insights, chances are for you to succeed, the 2016 horoscope for Aquarius indicates. Moreover, your capacity to trigger the qualities and talents of others can provide you with the needed power and control for exerting your authority as you wish.

Nevertheless, Mars will go retrograde in Scorpio between May 27 and June 30 and then you will tend to go overboard by reason of your ambitions. In other words, your endeavour to get more power and control over your socio-professional life might … continue reading on the original source

Pisces 2016 Horoscope – Chances for career and money to continue next year

Since December 2014, Saturn in Sagittarius is working for restructuring your career in order to express your abilities and expertise in the highest professional and moral manner. But in 2016, another important transit is joining Saturn, the 2016 horoscope for Pisces shows. It’s Mars transiting Sagittarius – an opportunity for growth in your career, but only on a few conditions.

What you have to do regarding your career is to dare, to go on an adventure in order to make the best of what you have learnt so far. But be careful to the tendency to overstate, to lose touch with the reality around you. Both Saturn and Mars are going retrograde between March 25 and August 12 and respectively between April 17 and May 27, 2016. Moreover, they form tense aspects with Jupiter and Nodes of the Moon in Virgo and Pisces bringing so some instability and challenges for … continue reading on the original source

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