5 young creatives discovered at BFFF Insights

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On September 25th, at Mindspace Victoriei, a portfolio presentation of 13 young photographers, stylists, image directors and directors took place within BFFF Insights, a related event of Bucharest Fashion Film Festival, organized in partnership with 2029 Productions.

13 portfolios collected through an open call to which 45 creatives signed up were presented to the public in brief sessions. They went through the filter of an experienced jury, who provided live feedback during the event. Through their elections, Alina Gavrilă – Borțun – Creative Director Gavrilă & Asociații and Co-founder of Gavrilă Fashion Tellers, Domnica Mărgescu – Fashion Director Elle Romania, Marian Pălie – Photographer & Stylist, Radu Voinea – DOP and Marius Erhan – producer and co-founder of 2029 Productions, confirmed the talent of the young creatives, who could bring a visual refresh to Romanian advertising. The objective of the project is to create a launch pad and connect young creatives with potential employers, decision makers in advertising agencies, production houses, brand managers, etc. The idea came from the insight that the local advertising market is quite opaque as well as difficult to navigate for the new generation.

We asked those involved to write us a few words about the portfolios that stayed with them after the presentation.

”Dora Iulia Aura Mois.

I was moved by the portfolio. Dora, for the aesthetics and composition of the frames. Iulia, for the delicacy of the captured moments. Aura, for the serene aura and a penetrating quality, a certain charm. Mois, because it brings together Dora, Iulia and Aura, very orderly, carefully. I’m Alina Georgiana Gavrilă-Borțun. And I would love to work together.”

Alina Gavrilă – Borțun, Creative Director Gavrilă & Asociatii, member of the BFFF jury Insights, about photographer Dora Mois. Instagram @doramoiss.


“Denise Lobonț is not afraid of awkward topics. Her images, although they contain many elements of hyperrealism, manage to create a dream space, enough for the viewer to intervene with his own imagination. It does not aim to build a textbook aesthetic but manages to build a world out of small elements. A world where the “peripheral” characters are revealed with delicacy and respect.

Marian Pălie, photographer and stylist, member of the BFFF Insights jury, about the photographer Denise Lobonț. Instagram @denise.lobont.


“I like Flaviana Isachi‘s portfolio for its consistency. Flaviana is versatile in terms of styling, but it retains a recognizable style. I love how she manages to combine colors and make a story with each image it conveys. Even if she is at the beginning, she has a balance, a maturity and a “cleanliness” in the way she achieves stylings, things you usually find in experienced stylists.”

Domnica Mărgescu, Elle Fashion Director, member of the BFFF Insights jury about the stylist Flaviana Isachi. Instagram @flaviana_is.


“In Andriana’s work, I appreciated with great fascination a certain fluidity with which she explores both environments (photography and video) or interests (her crocheted masks are excellent) as well as the subtle influences located on the intersection of Transnistria, London and Cluj, punctuated by emotional landscapes that talk about vulnerability, intimacy and identity. ”

Dan Stanescu, Creative Director & Co-founder Glitch Shop, trainer BFFF Insights, about photographer Andriana Oborocean. Instagram @andriaobor.


”Cătălin Rugină can also direct, film and edit his own project with a ingenious approach. And even if he won’t do them all at once in one project, he has knowledge about each of the areas. If he is given the confidence and artistic freedom in a commercial project, and he will keep his courage and vision, I think he has a chance to create a new, distinctive style, which we do not see very often here.”

Radu Voinea, director of photography, member of the BFFF Insights jury, about the operator Cătălin Rugină. Instagram @catalinrugina Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/614241794.


Bucharest Fashion Film Festival is the first event in Romania placed at the intersection between film, advertising and fashion, that brings together fashion, film and branding professionals, along with enthusiasts of these fields. Through an interdisciplinary approach, the festival aims to generate new opportunities for collaboration. Bringing together the best contemporary fashion movies with documentaries and a selection of cult movies that explore the role of the costume in film, the festival opens the discussion about the relationship between fashion and film and about the coat-man-society relationship through film screenings, round tables and workshops with international guests, new media installations and feedback sessions on portfolios.

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