6 unmissable documentaries at Astra Film on Tour in Bucharest


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Astra Film on Tour brings six documentaries screened at Astra Film Festival last year in Bucharest at the Romanian Peasant Museum this weekend, January 29-31. The screenings are scheduled as of 6 p.m., while the entrance is free in the limit of the available seats.

The films, signed by famous foreign directors, take cinemagoers on a tour throughout the world and have been awarded important prizes.


Friday, January 29

With or Without You
With or Without You

18:00 – With or Without you

Direction: Hyuckjee Park , awarded the Jury’s Prize at Astra Film Festival 2015. It’s an observational movie catching a glimpse of the small day-to-day things in the life of two old women living together in a Korean village. These small things actually mean everything when death is closing in, slowly but surely.

19:45 – Spartacus & Cassandra
Direction: Ioannis Nuguet- “Big prize” AFF 2015. The movie is a touching raid in the universe of two Romanian-born Roma brothers who live at the Paris’ outskirts. At the age when other kids are spending their time playing, they are asked to make a choice that will change their future: a life in poverty on the streets or a safer life with a roof over their head and access to education next to a foster family.
Saturday, January 30
18:00 – The Wolfpack

Direction: Crystal Moselle. The film presents the life of six teen brothers whose father kept them away from the real life by banning them to leave their apartment downtown New York. In exchange, he allowed them to watch his collection of fictional movies.

19:30 – I am the People
Direction: Anna Roussillan. The film tells the story of Farraj, an ordinary man who is farming for a living and who experiences the Egyptian revolution in front of the TV, unlike his co-nationals who used to face the uprising live.


The Seven Dwarfs of Auschwitz

Sunday, January 31
18:00 – Left on Purpose
Direction : Justin Schein. Left on Purpose depicts the portrait of a former activist let down by his fellows who used to join him in militating for common causes. Now, he fights a clinical breakdown, alcohol and drug addiction and he is afraid of not becoming a burden for the others. The self-murder idea as a last political action takes shape more and more in his mind.

19:30 – The Seven dwarfs of Auschwitz
Direction: Ursula Macfarlane. The film tells the story of seven midget brothers from Maramureș,  the Ovitz singers, used as guinea pigs by doctor Mengele during the Nazi occupation. Miraculously, they came out alive of this scary experiment.

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