A new festival in sight: NEVERSEA, the largest beach festival on the Black Sea shore

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A new music festival is taking shape in Romania, after the organizers of famous UNTOLD festival had shaken hands with Constanta city hall to organize a new large festival in Romania, this time on the Black Sea shore. The festival, called NEVERSEA, aims to lure over 150,000 participants. Therefore, Constanta plans to be a major spot on the festival map in Europe.

The organizers and the local authorities also want that the new project should bring an extra look to the Romanian seaside, “by stirring the foreigners’ appetite for the Blakc Sea even more”.

The NEVERSEA will open gates for the first time during July 7-9, being the only music festival in Europe held on the Black Sea shore.

According to the organizers, over 100 top international artists, will come to Constanta. Some of them have already attended UNTOLD in the past, others are coming for the first time in our country. The festival is due on the Faleza Nord area in Constanta, the largest beach on the Romanian seaside, which measures over 200,000 square meters.

There will be seven stages on the seaside, with three days full of concerts and events.

UNTOLD general manager, Bogdan Buta, said that they wanted to develop a new festival with a new identity and a special story behind, to meet the region’s potential.

A budget of roughly EUR 5 M has been allotted to the first edition of NEVERSEA. The final price of a pass is RON 420, plus fees.

Those who will subscribe on www.neversea.com will have the chance of buying a pass out in the first 5,000 for the promotional price of RON 200, plus fees.

VIP passes will be able for RON 600, plus fees. The first round of passes is available as of Wednesday, April 12, 6 p.m. to the ones who subscribed on www.neversea.com.

According to the Neversea “legend”, somewhere in the Black Sea waters there is a mysterious island, where time stood still. Many daredevils have tried to find the island for thousands years, but with no success. A millenary prophecy says that those who will sail on a magic ark to the island’s beaches will be able to live the eternal youth. A millenary being, Yana, the seas’ patron, raised from the sea water and from the moon reflexion. Yana is said to have been the first who has passed through the portal to the Neversea thousand of years ago. Legend also says that she is the only one who can guide people through the portal to the place where the life’s sand glass stopped.

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