A stylish holiday luggage


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Clothes thrown on the bed, pairs of shoes scattered on the floor and probably your life partner who is looking at you impatiently, wondering where all that stuff will fit. It’s just one of the possible scenarios for that sublime moment: packing your luggage before you go on vacation. It’s a kind of holiday preview, in which you already imagine what you will do every day, you dream of all the places you will discover at a leisurely pace and so step by step you build your holiday wardrobe.

Regardless of the style you approach, a tip is to choose those clothing items with which you can create as many cool mixes as possible. A skirt with a floral print like the one from the Tommy Jeans collection is extremely versatile. During the day you can accessorize it with a steamy blouse and a pair of sandals, and when the you feel the coolness of the evening, it combines perfectly with a sweatshirt and a pair of sports shoes.

You can also be urban chic by wearing sports items that offer you not only comfort but also a stylish look. Choose items in pastel colors that express relaxation and mix them into outfits that will become an incredible game stopper. Tommy Sport collection or the Tommy Hilfiger’ sportswear apparel are the perfect source for finding items that compliment any type of silhouette. With a touch of inspiration you will create wow outfits, fresh, exactly what you need on vacation.

If you are the type who prefers a clean and slightly classic style, coming out of anonymity through vivid and playful colors, you will find yourself in the Tommy Jeans collection. A pair of jeans in a dusty pink colour, a light white T-shirt and a pair of espadrilles and you are ready to embark on a new adventure.

And if you have decided to go on holiday in an extended formula with the little ones, you must make sure that in their luggage there are items to help them explore freely and enjoy the adrenaline. A pastel and delicious chromatic would suit them perfectly. Opt for cotton or canvas items, creating effervescent outfits. Don’t forget to take a preppy or sport sweatshirt for cool evenings when the fun is getting even better for the little ones. Get inspired by the Tommy Kids collection and you will outline the coolest casual looks for your children.

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