Acid Rain wins Animest 2019 trophy

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Acid Rain, a psychedelic trip directed by Polish Tomek Popakul, has won the Animest Trophy, within the 14th edition of the International Animation Film Festival in Bucharest. The prize is offered by the Romanian Cultural Institute. Premiered at Sundance this year, Acid Rain will be automatically shortlisted at the Oscars.

The jury consisting of Canadian Robert Valley, filmmaker Sara Koppel, known for the erotic animations manually drawn, and producer Richard Van Den Boom, co-founder of Papy3D animation studio, has explained why they had chosen “Acid Rain”: the film was able to “accompany spectators through several simultaneous journeys, in a hyper-artistic manner and in a remarkable rhythm”.

French short animation Hors de l’eau signed by Simon Duong Van Huyen, Joël Durand, Thibault Leclercq, Valentin Lucas and Andrei Sitari has won the Student Film competition, through the impressive way it “combined the subjective perspective with the animation’s sophisticated style”.

A special mention went to female director Barbora Halířová, the author of short film Hide N Seek,a story about the time passing by, disguised as a game of hide-and-seek.

Away, signed by the 25-year-old Lithuanian artist Gints Zilbalodis, has been designated the Best Feature Animation Film of this edition. The jury,  Jürgen Hagler, Ars Electronica festival manager, artist Sarah Van Den Boom, recently nominated for the César Awarrds and Janno Põldma, Estonian top animation representative, has praised “the force balance between the film’s esthetic and the evoked story”.

The same jury has also granted the Award for the Best Romanian short animation film to Opinci, signed by Anton and Damian Groves. Inspired by the fabulous journey of a Romanian around the globe, the story was special through “the original visual style and the impressive topic”.

Memorable was the most popular film of the edition, as voted by the Animest spectators. A charming metaphor about the memory loss due to the old age, the French production directed by Bruno Collethas been awarded the Audience Prize.

In the Music Video category,  the big prize went to Your Eyes, Will I Ever, directed by French Félicien Colmet Daâge.

The award for the Minimest,offered by Cartoon Network, went to Zoo, directed by Nina Heckel, telling the story of a girl who’s experiencing the biggest adventure of her childhood in a zoo.

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