Actress Kristanna Loken, K-1 star Remy Bonjasky to be named honorary ambassadors of Mamaia


American actress Kristanna Loken and K-1 star Remy Bonjasky are to be appointed honorary ambassadors of Mamaia seaside resort on Friday in a ceremony preceding Superkombat World Grand Prix gala where both of them are special guests.

“ (…) 150 foreign tourists, most of them businessmen and sportsmen have already booked seats for the Saturday’s gala. It will be a unique opportunity for all the tourists to see such an event in Mamaia, in the Casino small square (…) Kristanna Loken and Remy Bonjasky will thus become Mamaia’s honorary ambassadors, after Horia Tecau,” the president of the Litoral-Delta Dunarii association, Corina Martin told a press conference.

According to the Super Kombat president, Eduard Irimia, this is the last gala held in Romania, as the next ones will be organized exclusively abroad.

Tickets for the Sperkombat gala in Mamaia cost RON 50 and are available in network, Vodafone, Orange and Germanos stores, but also in Casino small square. The gala includes 14 fights and will be broadcast live in Romania as of 8 p.m.

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