Alexandrov Ensemble, the Red Army Choir performances get close to Bucharest, Constanta

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The Alexandrov Ensemble, Red Army’s Great Choir will perform for the first time in Romania in Constanta on October 8, at the Trade Union House and in Bucharest, Sala Palatului on October 9.

The choir will prepare an exceptional recital for the Romanian audience, with the most famous Russian songs included (Kalinka, Katiusha, or the Saint War), but also with a huge surprise in store: the choir re-interpretation of the most known songs of Queen and Beatles.

The Alexandrov Choir is the largest artistic ensemble in Russia. It was set up on October 12, 1928 when the first concert took place on the stage of the Central Red Army House. Back then, the choir had 12 people, but by the end of the 30s, the ensemble was already counting almost 300 army choir

The Alexandrov Choir is renowned for the purity and delicacy of the academic music interpretation, full of art, emotion and voice gift. Their music is successfully combining the Russian instruments- balalaika or button squeeze box- with metal and wooden wind instruments.

In 2004, the ensemble performed a memorable show in Vatican, receiving Pope John Paul II blessing, while in 2007, they performed at NATO HQs in Brussels.

In 2008, the choir marked 80 years if existence by a tour on the entire territory of the ex-Soviet Union and in almost 60 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Tickets for the performance in Bucharest have been put up for sale, with prices ranging from RON 250 (first category) and RON 200 (second category) to RON 150 (3rd category) and RON 100 (4th category).

Tickets are available at,,,, (, but also at the booking offices of Sala Palatului.

The event is organized by the Mall4Art cultural association and Rossotrudnicestvo Russian Centre of Science and Culture.

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