All-time high of pre-orders for a book in Romania. “Abraham’s Will” exceeds 13,000 pre-ordered copies

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The previous record holder, “The Lost Bible”, with 10,000 pre-ordered copies, has been dethroned by the most-expected book of the year, “Abraham’s Will”.

The book will be available in bookshops countrywide starting October 1st, as well as in supermarkets and on the online book websites.

In Romania, pre-ordering a book hasn’t been quite familiar in the consumer’s behaviour so far, with few titles boasting only several hundreds pre-ordered copies. The Lost Bible has overcome these barriers, while Abraham’s Will is already a trendsetter for the Romanian reader.

Taking after Igor Bergler, more and more publishing houses start putting the book for pre-sale and also start offering additional advantages to those who pre-order the book, with the most commong being the book with the author’s autograph.

In the case of the most-expected book, Litera publishing house has also offered vouchers with large discounts for shoppings from the book’s partners: Tie-Me-Up, Optiplaza and Noumax.

Igor Bergler is also responsible for the launch of the professional trailers for books in Romania.

The book’s Facebook page has reached 11,000 fans in only three months, while the two trailers have scored hundreds of thousands of views on social media, not to mention the author’s webiste, which is „besieged” every day.

The most expected book of 2017, “Abraham’s Will”, is even more surprising than the first novel, as conspiracies are even more terrible, mysteries deeper, and the beat dizzier. The puzzles pieces composing the book, the cultural references hidden in plain sight and the diabolic intelligence of the construction make the book an absolutely unique experience.

„What has been lost could save us from what we already have”

A scandal with prostitutes at the Americas summit in Cartagena. An attempt agains the US President’s life. A library that disappeared 2,000 years ago. A secret organization. A long history of lying popes. War criminals. A legendary city. Agents with multiple identities. A beast named „El Diablo”. A hit for hire who knows Borges be heart. Tens of disappeared manuscripts that are suddenly reappearing. The complicated codes hidden in the manuscripts. A giant and a midget. A Roman spread. A femme fatale. A policeman who cannot ever forget anything. A psychiatrist who thinks that 240 Franciscan priests are living in his brain. An orange-haired man. O story with slaves. And their president. Ordinary people trapped in unusual stories. A past that becomes present for several seconds, only to disappear again for ever. Cervantes and Eco and Borges. And on top of all, the books. All books. A novel that will haunt you long after you have read it.

Abraham’s Will is a supreme proof that libraries never burn, that fascinating disparate stories, from mythology to Cervantes, from the Gothic novel to Stevenson’s neo-Romanticism, from Borges to Eco and from the mystic-conspirative imaginary to Dan Brown’s hermeneutic fervour, are enrolled in a Big Nation which, in its turn, is based on the entire humankind’s memory.

Parody and satire, the subversive hint and the serious interrogation, the geometrically almost shocking accuracy, epic weave, the Baroque imaginary, the metaphysical magical shiver, become, in Igor Bergler’s hands, paradoxical weapons: devastating and fascinating at the same time.

Sum of all libraries, Igor Bergler’s new Library is not addressing anymore just to memory, but is building the entire history. Through a unique, non-recurring architecture of about 700 pages: Abraham’s Will,” said Romanian writer and art critic Pavel Șușară.

The book trailer is available here.

The fans can learn further novelties on the book’s Facebook page and on the author’s website.

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