Alleged 7,000-year-old temple of Cucuteni culture discovered in Botosani

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Romanian archaeologists have recently made an impressive discovery in Botosani, northern Romania: the mega-structure of what might have been a 7,000-year-old temple based on Cucuteni culture. The ruins of a mysterious settlement measuring over 1,000 square metres, sheltering many annexes, has been tracked down during diggings started two weeks ago.

“This mega-structure is unique in the Romanian pre history for the time being,” said Aurel Melniciuc, director of the County History Museum in Botosani. Specialists say that a Cucuteni structure of such size and that old, dating back 7,000 years ago, has never been discovered in Romania so far. Diggings are still in process, but so far only 100 square metres could be searched.

The huge Cucuteni settlement, revealing the mega-structure is located on Prut River’s shore, nearby Ripiceni locality.

One of the hypotheses is that it could have been a 7,000-year-old huge temple, a veneration and pilgrimage place serving more communities in this region.

The archaeologists also think that it might have been the house or the fief of a Cucuteni tribe leader. “It could be a temple or the house of a community or tribe leader,” Aurel Melniciuc said.

Cucuteni culture is quite remarkable, the climax of the European civilization 6,000-7,000 years ago. Information available on the people of those times point to a quite developed society. They used to build storeyed houses, to process gold and to plant grape and all known cereal crops, used to have domestic animals and had a exceptional ceramics made by using unusual colors, pigments and techniques, very similar to those used nowadays.

Overall, 50,000 figurines belonging to Cucuteni culture have been discovered so far, mostly representing women, which might reveal that culture was matriarchal society, an amazingly evolved society for those times, encompassing interesting religious concepts.

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