Alternative activities to ARTmania Evenings 2021

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At ARTmania Evenings, participants, adults and the little ones altogether, will be able to get involved for free in a series of alternative activities meant to provide them with an interesting and interactive way to spend the hours before or between concerts.

Thus, on July 23-25, at Quantic Club, in addition to the shows I Went to the Mountains and I Liked, Dirty Shirt, Implant for Refusal, Lucifer – A Rock Opera, RoadkillSoda, Mysteries and White Walls, fans will have part of a festival atmosphere enriched by:

Lounge dedicated to reading and vinyls and CDs fair, powered by Carturesti

Reading and music enthusiasts are expected with a selection of books from the music area, along with bestseller titles and children’s books, enriched by a wide range of vinyls and CDs to complete their collections.

Reading workshop for the little ones

In the Carturesti lounge, the little ones are expected at two reading sessions specially designed to lead them to the realms of stories and imagination with the help of two titles much loved by kids: “Tzitzi-Poc. The biggest dream of childhood “and” Tup – impossible is just a word “.

Origami workshop

In the origami workshops, the young participants will learn from members of the Carturesti team who studied Japanese what “origami” means and how this art appeared, they will learn how to make flowers, animals such as roosters, rabbits or frogs and how to bring to the life of the characters from the books that will be read during the reading sessions.


Theatre enthusiasts will have the opportunity to watch the play “First, kiss me”, a show by Bogdan Gagu, brought and played by the Theater under the moon. The song, which leads the audience on a path full of ups and downs at the emotional level.

About the play: he apparently leads a trivial life, trying to make his way to become the best lawyer. His best friend supports him but he wants him to meet a girl, to settle down. Everything changes when the neighbor from the second floor appears in his life, who shows him how to love. But, as any story cannot be just trivial, the ending reveals what lies behind a drama from the past.

The show is an intimate foray into comically presenting love and emphasizing the importance of losing a loved one.

Interactive doll theater for dwarfs

Children will enter the magical world of stories with the help of educational and interactive plays “Little Red Riding Hood” and “A World of Threads“, plays with dolls, puppets, mascots and actors, written, directed and adapted especially for the little ones by the band ANIMIS.

Improvisation theater with Urban Impro

The ARTmania Evenings audience will have fun with interactive numbers and Urban Impro comedy moments – more than an improvisation band, it’s long for everything and fun.

Merchandise at the ARTmania shop

Fans interested in completing their personal collections will be able to visit the ARTmania shop where they will find products of the bands present at the event or ARTmania clothing items.

ARTmania Evenings passes can be purchased on for RON 150/one. For this event only 100 passes are still available.

At the same time daily tickets, RON 70/one, are still available on the festival’s website, with 200 daily pieces for each event being available.

Access rules

  • Anti-Covid vaccination certificate (ten days after the rappel)
  • Negative RT-PCR test (no more than 72 hours since the moment of testing)
  • Rapid antigen test
  • ID card to prove the identity of the person who was vaccinated or tested.

Guests can take the anti-Covid test at Quantic Club on Friday, July 23 (9:00hrs – 18:00hrs), Saturday, July 24 (12:00hrs – 18:00hrs) and Sunday, July 25 (12:00hrs – 18:00hrs).

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