Andrzej Wajda’s “Afterimage” opens Cinepolitica festival in Bucharest

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Afterimage, Andrzej Wajda’s latest film masterpiece will open the Cinepolitica International Film Festival in Bucharest due on April 20-23 at Elvira Popescu Cinema and at Balassi Magyar Institute.

The topic of the last film before the filmmaker’s death is replenishing the work of the greatest European director. The biopic of the most important Polish plastic artist of the 20th century, Władysław Strzeminski, occasions a subtle parallel with his own destiny. Wajda recreates the world full of turmoil and fetters of an avant-garde artist choked with the Stalinist Socialism realism, according to the organizers.

The film is also hinting to the contemporary spirit of the Polish society and of the post-communist world in general. The refuse to surrender to an imposed ideology and the existence of an artist ahead his times are building a story full of emotion and deep meanings. A last great story about dignity, integrity and contempt.

The festival programme’s also includes “That Trip We Took with Dad” by young female director Miruna Lazarescu, or “Trump vs Clinton” documentary, a production focused on the main issues for the US, with a major impact on Eastern and Central Europe.

Seven films are racing in the competition: “The King’s War” directed by Trevor Pots and “The Apprentice” by Junfeng Boo, “Human Harvest” (by Leon Lee), “Chez Nous” (by Lucas Belvaux), “Putin Forever” (by Kiril Nenashev), “Beyond The Mountains and Hills” (by Eran Kolirin) and “Clash” (directed by Mohamed Diab).

The prize for the best film, worth EUR 2,500, is offered by the Romanian Cultural Institute.

The festival is organized by the Culture and Image Association and is financed by the National Cinema Centre. ICR, Culture Ministry, the Filmmakers Union in Romania, the French Institute, Israel Embassy to Romania, the Magyar Institute and UNATC IS among the institutional partners.

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