Animest 1.4 kicks off in Bucharest: ten days of adventure in the animation world

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Animest 1.4, the 14th edition of the well-known animation film festival is kicking off in Bucharest today, running through October 13 in such venues as: Elvire Popesco Cinema, Cinemateca Eforie, Cinema City, The Comic Opera for Children, AWE (Adaptive Work Environment), Museum of Recent Art, Cervantes Institute, Control Club, Kube Musette, Fabrica Gastropub, Cinetic and Green Hours.

The first screening is a French movie, the latest film signed by Anca Damian. The Fantastic World of Marona is screened at Cinema City, AFI Cotroceni today at 19:30, in the presence of the team that brought to life the cute heart-shaped nose puppy.

Movie lovers will be also able to meet the multi-awarded artists coming to Animest this time on Saturday during the screening of Hirondelle de Kaboul, in the presence of filmmaker Nicolas Debray.

Also during the festival’s first weekend, the fans of the romance comedies will see Memorias de un hombre en pijama and will meet Spanish director Carlos Fernandez de Vigo and artist Lorena Ares.

The weekend is also marked by the first electrifying party of this edition. Trippy Animation Night will leave the cinema hall this year and will turn into a night of psychedelic and avant-garde films. The film section curated by Dutch artists Michael Helmerhorst will be accompanied live by Fluid, on Saturday, October 5 at Fabrica Gastropub, as of 23:00hrs.

Tech-savvies and the sci-fi movie fans will enjoy memorable experiences every day of the festival, starting 12:00rs at Kube Musette contemporary art gallery. They will be able to explore the VR universe here, watch the latest VR animation films, some of them screened for the first time in Romania.


The full programme is available here,but also in the new app.

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