April 2015 Monthly Horoscope


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Aries Horoscope

This month is an important period for you, firstly due to a strong influence brought in the early April by the total lunar eclipse that accompanies the full Moon phase on April 4th, 2015. You will feel an intense urge to call things by their proper names in order to be sincere. This open manner to express yourselves might be perceived by those you relate to as extremely aggressive, like a declaration of war. Therefore, their most probable feedback will be to avoid discussing the real issues there, to slink, to manipulate the course of discussions towards some more “peaceful” areas that, as a matter of fact, just keep them from a real solving. Another important time of the month for which these astrological forecast are, is the planet Jupiter going again in direct motion through Leo. It brings along a change in your state of mind through an infusion of optimism and a ludic disposition, and in a more concrete way, it brings along chances for gaining popularity. However, its ampleness depends on the way you’ve diminished the eventual excesses in displaying your talents during the retrogression phase of Jupiter. Moreover, the love affairs are favored, as well as the relationships with your children. Another interesting area is the one responsible for earning money. It looks to be plenty of it. Nevertheless, a bit of moderation in spending money is demanded, especially for expenditures made for kids, the loved one or for objects being rather luxurious than useful. The new Moon in Aries on April 18, 2015 comes along with a chance for a fresh restart after a period marked by two eclipses and by the Uranus-Pluto square that challenged you a lot regarding your relationship with the authority and your career growth since 2012. Now it’s time for you to set new bold objectives (I can’t imagine otherwise in your case) in any area of your life. Anyway, you better take into consideration that not every detail agreed near upon this phase will stay riveted.

Taurus Horoscope

The cluster of planets in the sign of Aries has brought you a lot of stress and upset, perhaps even violent and turbulent feelings that you haven’t manage to let them out because of different reasons. This period continues with new challenges at the beginning of the analyzed time as the total lunar eclipse accompanying the full Moon phase (when the Moon is in Libra and the Sun is in Aries) on April 4th, 2015, brings a great impact on a long term on your workplace relationships and, eventually, on your health condition. Issues dragging on at the workplace will cause you intense reactions, either because those issues are provoked by unfair relationships that make you feel the injustice or because it will be proved that some collaborators/coworkers who are allegedly sailing in the same boat, have, in fact, other interests (hence, you face moral issues). You’ll see clearly enough what’s happening, you’ll even have a vision over the next developments in this area of life for the future but, still, certain circumstances prevent you from expressing your feelings for the moment. Precisely this powerlessness in fully expressing yourselves might cause a great physical uneasiness for you, reaching the climax in headaches and insomnia. During the whole month, the reliable support for you will be Mars transiting Taurus. It will provide you with enough energy for you to operate in your style that is patiently and motivated by either the practical or esthetic value of the expected outcomes. Yet, Mars predisposes to furious reactions, especially in relationships with some family members or on the home-related issues. These relationships receive a new drive once the planet Jupiter starts again his direct motion through Leo, after April 8th. The patrimonial assets-related issues have good chances to be solved in the next few months provided that you should already have diminished the tendencies towards luxury that exceeds your available money. The new Moon in Aries on April 18, 2015 is a proper time for a new beginning, for setting new goals based on strong actual believes and not on regrets and moral rubble collected from others’ experiences and lessons.

Gemini Horoscope

April starts with tensions on love astrological axis, wherein the total lunar eclipse accompanying the full Moon on April 4th, 2015, undisguisedly brings to the light the feedback for what you have offered in love affairs, either it’s about the present relationship or the circumstances force you to remember such experiences from your record. You will figure it out that what you receive now is related to what you’ve previously offered and that the condition for maintaining a love affair on a long term is for the both partners to fairly (not identically) involve in the relationship, to respect the common goals. For those of you who haven’t yet discovered this condition, the love-related problems are to be “dealt” with friends, with parties and with good cheer. Especially after April 8th, when Jupiter goes again in direct motion through Leo, you become even more open to your group of friends and even to new acquaintances. A delicate transit for you is the one of Mars through Taurus that makes you deal with the repressed anger, inclusively through physical symptoms. Around April 17 it is a time with the most critical tensions as the square Mars in Taurus – Jupiter in Leo is active. There is also a possibility for difficultly handling a long-distance love affair. Another important moment is the new Moon phase occurred on April 18, 2015, as it marks a change in your long-term objectives. At bottom, you have the opportunity to define a new social way for you in which to get yourselves noticed, to gain popularity by promoting your unique, personal assets. Also around this date, the square between Venus in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces is active and this must be a warning saying that the instant connections you make so easily cannot be the cornerstone for setting career plans on a long term basis.

Cancer Horoscope

During this month, your career and social life represent the fields consuming much of your energy, but, consequently, other areas of life face the impact from the planetary transits, too. The early April is strongly influenced by the total lunar eclipse occurred on April 4th, 2015, accompanying the full Moon phase on the Aries-Libra axis. At bottom, this phenomenon brings to the light the results of a behavior you had for a long time, a behavior based mainly on protecting your partnerships and collaborations. Problems will be especially in cases wherein the “protection” was provided by illegal means, by manipulation or even by avoiding obvious issues that eroded relationships over time. Now it is the time when the obviousness can be avoided no more. It erupts, strongly stirring up either your relationships with the superiors or the manner you exert your own authority (impulsively and stubbornly) within the family or the profession. A relevant change can be brought by the Jupiter as it goes again in direct motion through Leo. For those who have built their career on boldness and honorability, the transit will prove to be generous, bringing a financial recovery or a salary raise. The new Moon in Aries on April 18, 2015 is also targeting your career and public image. It’s time for a restart in order to build a path towards new goals in this area of life and the pillars of those goals should be the initiative, boldness and honesty. The transit of Venus (until April 11) and the one of Mars (during the whole month) through Taurus favors the relationships with friends and with people who protect you. Even material benefits could come from them.

Leo Horoscope

The early April is influenced by the total lunar eclipse accompanying the full Moon phase on April 4th, 2015. As regards your sign, the tensions brought along by the aspects target the axis responsible for communication, education and travels. The attempts for mediating discussions by eluding some relevant elements or, merely, an eventual read of a manipulation lead to brutal consequences over agreements, especially over those involving people from abroad or people who live far away from you. Moreover, trying to get through education without much involvement, but rather with idleness and slinking, could stir up a fiery feedback from your professors. In the same field of education, there is also a possibility for meeting people with an outstanding outlook and, eventually, they will become your mentors for some special forms of studies, perhaps in a self-educated form. Regarding the travels, I recommend caution and calmness because an agitated state of mind may cause problems. A noticeable event in this astrological forecast, particularly for your sign, is the planet Jupiter going again in direct motion through Leo, starting April 8th. In the following several months you are expected to enjoy optimism, self-confidence, to put honesty into your undertakings and generosity into relationships. In this way, you are to appeal opportunities in any field you are interested of in the above-mentioned time. During the whole month of April, Mars transits Taurus, impacting your career. It brings along energy for supporting your endeavors in this area, mainly the pragmatic ones. But a warning comes around April 17, when the presently required patience and pragmatism within the relations that are important for your career are toughly challenged by your ego and your desire to make your mark at any cost. The new Moon in Aries on Aril 18, 2015 is a proper time for renewing your goals in order to grow on a long term basis through education, traveling and relationships with people who have already dared outstanding things and, therefore, who can become good examples or even mentors for you.

Virgo Horoscope

April challenges you on the axis responsible for values once again. The main test comes near upon April 4th, 2015, when the total lunar eclipse occurs, accompanying the full Moon on the Aries-Libra axis. The need for setting a way to earn money on a long term, based on collaboration and fairness in relationships, could lead to fast transformation of your struggle to get what you deserve. An aggressive demand might destroy relationships that used to help you earn money before. Instead of this, the courage to sincerely assert your position within a relationship involving finances could represent a gain for the respective relationship on a long term. In addition, the eventual benefits negotiated at the beginning of April could appeal some of you to purchase expensive things before effectively gaining money. It doesn’t seem like a wise choice. Starting April 8th, transiting direct again through Leo, Jupiter can mark a time of several months in which you can improve your health condition through a generous attitude of forgiveness. This planet can also bring along opportunities from abroad or related to activities undertaken out of the others’ sight. Tensions could appear around April 17 as the square Mars in Taurus – Jupiter in Leo brings stress on long-distance communication, perhaps with people from abroad. The new Moon in Aries on April 18, 2015 also deals with the values, especially with the big ones, those in shared ownerships. It’s time to set new objectives regarding purchasing and the management of your assets, a time to honestly and boldly assert your demands.

Libra Horosocope

For few years now, your partnerships seem like a roller coaster ride that – I get news for you – is not over yet. It continues with a new test brought along by the total lunar eclipse that accompanies the full Moon on April 4th, 2015. You feel a strong emotional need for acting in a calm, stylish and diplomatic manner once again. It’s just like, for fulfilling this need, you might be tempted to appeal to a delay in approaching some issues or to a manipulation by hiding some aspects you consider to be dangerous for the harmony of a certain relationship. But having the Sun, Uranus, the North Node and Mercury in Aries – that represents for you the astrological house of marriage, partnerships and rivals – generate violent, fast and direct reactions. Either you can’t stare double-faced circumstances anymore, so you choose to sincerely and bravely (even violent here and there) express your complaints and demands or the partner or the rival (sometimes the sides are mistaken for each other) is to burst into an “outbreak” of sincerity. But, at bottom, this can only be in both sides’ interest in order to clarify the terms of a marriage, of a partnership or of a lawsuit. Starting April 8th, Jupiter moves again in direct motion through Leo. As a consequence, in the next few months, it’s expected to bring along opportunities in social relations, but it’s advisable for you to not limit them to parties and benefits came from your protectors. Instead, it’s better to use them for puttting generous, altruistic, plans for the future into effect, so, for the benefit of other people. And the relationships come to the foreground once again near upon the new Moon in Aries on April 18, 2015. After two eclipses this spring and the square Uranus-Pluto which gave the feeling that the permanent instability within your partnerships undermines your stability and the control over your life, here is a proper time for a fresh start, not necessarily with a new partner, but with a new approach towards relationships. Take advantage of the astral circumstances for setting new goals regarding relationships relied on honesty and the courage to freely display your personality.

Scorpio Horoscope

April brings along various changes that are to influence both the workplace relationships and the evolution of your career and public image. Firstly, the total lunar eclipse accompanying the full Moon phase on the Aries-Libra axis on April 4th, 2015 makes things clear at workplace or in some circumstances being interpretable from a moral perspective. The efforts for secretly building relationships, that means out of the others’ sight, in order to use them as an ace up your sleeve at the right moment, will be either revealed or challenged by morality-related issues, by (not) keeping the word, or by (dis)honestly participating in a partnership. The collaborations can be very dynamic, and even marked by a brutal sincerity here and there. A warning comes for your health condition as there are risks, especially for backaches and kidney problems. Starting April 8th, Jupiter transits Leo in direct motion again, bringing social status and career-related opportunities for you. Yet, these depend on how well you’ve managed to diminish your excesses in exerting your authority during the retrogression phase of this planet. A tense aspect will be formed by Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Taurus near upon April 17. It’s a time of angst for you as either the vanity of not obeying authority or the despotism in exerting your power (it depends on what hierarchical position you reach) can stir up rage or, respectively, an obstinate lack of co-operation. The new Moon in Aries on April 18, 2015 comes as a breath of fresh air, helping you change the approach towards your collaborations and set new goals for whose fulfillment you act both boldly and honestly. It can also represent an improvement of your health condition, in case that the eclipse has brought physical discomfort.

Sagittarius Horoscope

Even given that Saturn goes retrograde through Sagittarius, you are able to fully enjoy this April. The positive energy comes from the planets transiting Aries, the sign representing the love, the relationships with children and, at bottom, the joy to live it up in your chart. The total lunar eclipse accompanying the full Moon on the Aries-Libra axis on April 4th, 2015 brings for you the courage to play out to the full as you heart calls. You choose the people you prefer to spend the spare time with in the most sincere way, in spite of some possible attempts of your acquaintances to save certain relationships for you. Moreover, the full Moon can register outstanding accomplishments of your kids or plans for a vacation, perhaps an expedition-like one that you’ve always wanted it with your whole heart. As a matter of fact, Jupiter going direct again through Leo favors the travels and the relationships with people from abroad, bringing opportunities regarding these fields in the next few month, starting April 8th. A beneficial transit for many Sagittarians could be Mars in Taurus as this planet eventually could come along with a fine retribution for an unceasing effort at your workplace. Nevertheless, there is a tense moment around April 17, when Mars forms a square to Jupiter, stirring furious reactions for you in relating with your colleagues or subordinates, mainly where it appears a conflict between different mentalities. A busy time in relationships starts on April 11, when Venus enters Gemini. You are open and you communicate with almost everybody, but the opposition made by Venus to Saturn retrograde and the square to Neptune warn you against some risks of loosing attention to the important things for you at present and of neglecting some relationships that have already passed the test of time. The new Moon in Aries on April 18, 2015 is another good time for showing the love to your partner, to your children, and generally to the life.  You can set truly bold goals regarding love.

Capricorn Horoscope

The career and social image are to be challenged once again by the astral aspects right from the beginning of April. The total lunar eclipse accompanying the full Moon on the Aries-Libra axis on April 4th, 2015 brings a direct impact upon your socio-professional growth on a long term basis. In which way? It much depends on how you’ve built this area of life until now. The eventual compromises or elusions of law, made in order to save certain relationships that you’ve considered to be useful to develop your career will now prove to be major problems destabilizing you and blowing up the socio-professional background that you’ve beautifully “painted” it for the others’ sight. It seems like the truth has no more patience and, therefore, it violently bursts to the fore, revealing mistakes you’ve made in the past. For those Capricorns who have no self-reproach to make regarding the eventual compromises, it could appear the effects of some behaviors such as indecision, lack of initiative, delay of the solution to an issue influencing your career. Starting April 8th, Jupiter going again in direct motion through Leo revitalizes the money and other shared assets-related issues. It brings along opportunities to purchase valuables and to solve loan-related issues. Mars transiting Taurus during the whole month is prevailingly good as it helps you enjoy sensuality, especially in your love affair. A relevant change consists in the planet Pluto starting a new retrogression phase. It forces you to comprehend there is no chance to lead only by controlling and imposing your own will neither other people nor yourselves, nor any institutional framework. The new Moon in Aries on April 18, 2015 deals with your past, family and home. It gives you the chance to look back to your past for taking the full responsibility for it and to set new and bold goals regarding your family life and home.

Aquarius Horoscope

Communication, education and relationships with both your family and your partners are the fields to be the most influenced by the planetary transits during the analyzed time. The total lunar eclipse accompanying the full Moon on the Aries-Libra axis on April 4th, 2015 hall-marks the way you present and insist on your beliefs during eventual debates. The aspects indicate a need for being understood by the others, for having your concepts accepted in order for you to feel like belonging to a certain intellectual, artistic, social stream. For many of you, the singularity, the special sightedness or the ingenuity characterizing some of your ideas could interfere with other ideas that circulate or that are even forwarded within the formal education. Hence it appears a high probability for you to express your convictions in no time, without any holding. But this manner of communicating can become assertive or … insolent. And here is where the real level of your knowledge will show up. An important astral event for you is Jupiter moving direct again through Leo that is the area responsible for marriage, other partnerships, but also for rivals. Therefore, in the next few months, you’ll probably receive all sorts of proposals for partnerships, you can reach spectacular outcomes in the existing relationships or you can win some conflicts. Nevertheless, the beneficity of this transit depends on the way you’ve diminished the eventual excesses of pride in your behavior in the last several months, while Jupiter has been retrograding. A tense moment will be around April 17, when Jupiter in Leo will form a square to Mars in Taurus. It’s not out of question to feel angry towards the opposition you face within the family to your demands and to the authority you try to impose. The new Moon in Aries on April 18, 2015 is a proper time to set new and bold goals regarding education (perhaps some pioneering studies).

Pisces Horoscope

For the last few weeks, the astrological house responsible for money has been the host of some inner planets that met Uranus and the South Node. During the time analyzed in these astrological predictions, the same area is influenced by the total lunar eclipse that accompanies the full Moon phase on the Aries-Libra axis on April 4th, 2015. You feel the need to have a smooth financial path on a long term basis, but, in case that certain aspects related to either collaborations, or the financial resources, or your husband/wife’ behavior regarding money worn you are not on the right path, then you can address your demands in the most direct manner. This open way to speak which usually doesn’t describe you can be perceived by the others as truly aggressive. But it is really the time for you to develop financial collaborations in which, firstly, you will be the one to appreciate your personal assets and skills. The good aspects made with Jupiter transiting the astrological house of workplace indicate nice chances for negotiating the salary in your favor, so here is the moment for you to dare. As a matter of fact, starting April 8th, Jupiter in Leo recommences its direct motion and chances are to bring opportunities at the workplace as regards retributions, prestige and authority over the team you work with. A tense moment having effects on your workplace relationships, especially on those ones with colleagues and subordinates, is expected near upon April 17, when the square between Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Taurus is formed. It might cause flaming dialogues, if not raging ones, generated by your elation to impose your style of operating. But the subject of money is once again in the pipeline as the new Moon occurs in Aries on April 18, 2015. It’s the ideal time for you to set clear goals for making money. It’s all about self-assertion and daring.

Source: Psi Astrology 

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