ARTmania Festival, other two movie events in Sibiu, getting closer

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ARTmania Festival, in partnership with TIFF Trailer and Full Moon International Film Festival, are opening the series of alternative events in Sibiu on July 26-27, bringing along free screenings of internationally awarded films.

Films will be screened in Habitus Gallery in Piata Mica, Sibiu, every day during 11:00hrs – 18:00hrs.

Woodstock: Three Days That Defined A Generation tells the story of the political and social upheaval leading up to those three historic days, as well as the extraordinary events of the concert itself, when near disaster put the ideals of the counterculture to the test. What took place in that teeming mass of humanity — the rain-soaked, starving, tripping, half a-million strong throng of young people — was nothing less than a miracle of unity, a manifestation of the “peace and love” the festival had touted, and a validation of the counterculture’s promise to the world. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Barak Goodman and written by Goodman and Don Kleszy, WOODSTOCK takes us back to the three days that defined a generation. Stephen Stills, Joan Baez, Richie Havens are starring.

Parking directed by Romanian director Tudor Giurgiu, inspired by the „Apropierea” bestseller, tells the story of Adrian (Mihai Smarandache), a poet who is illegally emigrating to Spain in the summer of 2002 and is taking a job as a night guard in a parking run by Rafael (Luis Bermejo). Adrian’s life will change forever during the night of San Juan (Midnight summer) when he meets Maria  (Belén Cuesta), a guitar player in a jazz band.

Leto / A rock’n’roll  summer

The biography of the legendary Kino brand, the film directed by Russian Kirill Serebrennikov, is a Russia-France co-production that talks about protest, freedom and resistance through music. A poetic mix about youth and love, the movie evokes the journey of a Soviet star in the 80s, Viktor Toi (Teo Yoo), depicting an underground rock scene of the Leningrad of those  years.


The film tells the story of Victor, a rocker aged 40, always ready to do everything it takes for his son, leader of a rock band and drug addicted. Directed by Romanian Marian Crisan.

Arctic, directed by Joe Penna, Iceland, portrays the story of a man who is alone amongst the arctic ice, who is on the verge of being saved after a long wait. However, a tragic accident is sabotaging the entire rescue mission. The hero is forced to decide if he remains in his lonely improvised camp or if he is trying to save himself by his own forces.

Movie lovers will be also able to see the special screening of “Framed” movie, directed by Spanish filmmaker Marc Martínez, offered by the Full Moon International Film Festival.

Vinil Mania, vinyl fair for collectors

ARTmania Festival and East European Music Conference will also organise „Vinil Mania Sibiu 2019, an event dedicated to aficionados and collectors of vinyl LPs, due on July 26 and July 27, from 11:00hrs to 19:00hrs in 4 Piata Mica in Sibiu. 400 vinyl LPs, from blues to punk, disco, pop and from rock to jazz, soul and funk, hip hop or heavy metal will be on display. Free access.

The last passes for the ARTmania 2019 edition are available at  at the price of RON 360/one.

ARTmania Festival won the trophy as the „Best Small Festival” within European Festival Awards in January this year.

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