Artmark launches Historical Estate division enabling patrimony endowments’ sale


Artmark auction house will launch the Historical Estate division, a premiere initiative in Romania that is meant to turn history into business and to save Romanian historical and cultural patrimony monuments from wreck and extinction. Following the trend of the great international real estate companies, Artmark is developing a special market share, offering investors the possibility of acquiring and revamping beautiful patrimony properties such as palaces, castles, fortresses, mansions and centuries-old villas, all rejoined in the Registry Book of Historical Monuments.

According to an Artmark press release, the initiative having the “Unique Homes for the Connoisseur of Life” slogan is meant to rediscover and preserve Romanian authentic values and to enhance the creative industry, which proved to be one of the main sources of economic revival worldwide.

Artmark will soon give further details on the first historical residences put up for sale. The new division’s opening event will take place at Cesianu-Racovita Palace on January 28, at 7 p.m.

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