Astra Multicultural Festival due in Sibiu this weekend

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ASTRA Museum in Sibiu is hosting the ASTRA Multicultural Festival this weekend July 10-12, the most important event dedicated to the ethnic minorities from Romania.

The festival, including cultural animations, interactive workshops, music, dances, crafts and a gastronomy marathon, will get together such minorities as Transylvanian Saxons, Serbians, Magyars, Lipovans, Roma, Slovaks, Jews and Ukrainians to display their traditional folk costumes, customs and cuisine.

Overall, more than 100 artists and musicians and 20 dance ensembles, fold bands and brass bands will perform during the Festival.

“United by culture! is the motto of the year’s event. It is a special edition in a difficult period, but we are convinced that the measured to counter the spread of the COVID-19 virus enforced by the Astra Museum will make visitors responsible. We can observe social distancing, while staying united by culture (…) We’ll catch a glimpse of all cultural interactive aspects in the ethnic communities in Romania, from crafts to gastronomy, from educational workshops to documentary screenings,” said Ciprian Anghel Ștefan, Astra Museum General Manager.

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