B-FIT in the Street! ready to take Bucharest by storm

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ARCUB presents the 8th edition of the only international street theatre festival in Bucharest, B-FIT in the Street! During June 9-12 the Capital city will become a fantastic setting, inhabited by unexpected characters blending in the crowd and interacting with the passers-by. The event is part of the Bucharest bid for the 2021 European Culture Capital title.

B-FIT in the Street!” will bring 21 theatre performances, nine participant countries and hundreds of artists in Bucharest. Every night in the Old Town, in the University Square or Georghe Enescu Square the nocturnal shows will light the city sight with fire games and air stunts or huge horses, while in the day, the interactive street theatre performances will make Bucharesters discover a real gallery of living pictures, countesses, giraffes, harlequins or giant-sized ballerinas.

Austria, Spain, UK, Germany and Italy are some of the countries attending the 2016 edition of B-FIT in the Street!, an event with various dumb shows, circus, comedy, dance, acrobatics, street music and parades. The Romanian shows by Masca Theatre will join the action, as well as the educational acts from Slovakia or the wide scope productions from France or the Netherlands.

Further details on the participant street theatre troupes, videos, photos and schedule available at http://www.bfitfestival.arcub.ro/. The access is free.

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