BIEFF 8th edition soon in Bucharest. ‘Berlinale Spotlight: Forum Expanded’, in the limelight

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The BIEFF – Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival  will soon reach its 8th edition, under the slogan ”EMBRACING OTHERNESS”. The festival is due from Match 26th through April 1st, and will be hosted by the Romanian Peasant Museum Cinema and the Elvire Popesco Cinema. Cinema Muzeul Țăranului / Cinema Elvire Popesco.

BIEFF #8 presents some of the most innovative cinematographic experiments of the past year, with a special focus on works by prominent visual artists who usually exhibit in museums and art galleries and only rarely in cinema.

EMBRACING OTHERNESS is the name under which this year’s edition invites to a new exercise in empathy, exploring the ways in which we recognize and internalize the specific needs and particular contexts – cultural, socio-political or pertaining to identity – of the individuals and communities we interact with. We ask you and ourselves: How can the differences between us actually bring us together? How can one’s own comfort zone be explored, extended and overcome in the society?


BIEFF 2018 will present the first Berlinale Spotlight in Romania, providing new perspectives over the contemporary reality.

Under the name „BERLINALE SPOTLIGHT: Forum Expanded,” the festival presents a selection of six essay films and documentary approaches by renowned visual artists. The event is in collaboration with Goethe-Institut Bucharest and Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art Berlin, curated by Ulrich Ziemons.

A part of the works presented at BIEFF’s Spotlight has been initially designed to be presented as visual art installations and will be released for the first time on the big screen, while others are made by renowned filmmakers or artists like Yael Bartana, Eija-Liisa Ahtila or Bernd Lützeler.

Bernd Lützeler’s film, Camera Threat, mixes various genres, after the popular Indian film recipe Masala, while exploring the paranoic relation between Mumbai, the city of the film, and the moving images.

The film of Yael Bartana, Tashlikh (Cast Off) , presented at BIEFF with the support of The Netherlands Embassy, serves as a platform both for the survivors and also for the authors of some genocides and ethnic persections, where all of them are facing personal connections linking them to the horrors they’ve lived.

Studies on the Ecology of Drama, by famous Finnish visual artist Eija-Liisa Ahtila, is a philosophical meditation upon our the incapacity of our tradition to see beyond the humanity field.

Turtles Are Always Home is about the „home” search, is a personal journey towards the self, with a camera venturing beyond the mysterious facades of the multicoloured buildings from a city in Qatar, which immitate the Venice architecture. Female director Rawane Nassif will attend the screenings within BIEFF with the support of the Canadian and Lebanese embassies to Romania.

Hashti Tehran by Daniel Kötter reveales four transition spaces at the crossroads between urban and suburbs on the edge of Tehran.

The International Short Film film competittion comprises five relevant topics for the contemporary society: A Lie that Tells the Truth, Human Nature / Mother Nature, (Self)Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, Embracing the Female Gaze, Intimacy in the Digital Age.

A novelty will also be the special program with films from the European Shorts section of the Sarajevo Film Festival.

The festival will also include the latest feature film by an innovative cinema auteur selected in the Directors’ Fortnight section, at Cannes, and a Dutch focus, productions selected by the International Film Festival in Rotterdam.
The Golden Shorts section gets together the best films in major festivals, the award-winning short films at the most prestigious international film festivals, such as the winner of the Orizzonti Award for Best Short Film in Venice, also nominated for the European Film Awards 2017, as well as award-winning films at Locarno and more.

The BIEFF also has a section entitled the Romanian Cinematic Experiments.

Further details soon at Get your 5-entry festival pass (40 lei) or the full festival pass (RON 90):

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