Bilingual book on Romanian wines and Italian food launched at Italy’s ambassador residence

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Bilingual book “50 Romanian wines meet 50 Italian eats” written by Romanian sommelier Marinela Ardelean was lauched at the Italian ambassador’s residence in Bucharest on Tuesday.

The book is written in Romanian and Italian. Ambassador Diego Brasioli praised the quality of the Romanian cuisine. “My wife and me have just returned from a visit in Transylvania. Every time we are amazed by the quality of the Romanian food and wines (…) Go to Milan and visit the Romanian Pavilion at the World Expo 2015, which is wonderful,” the Italian ambassador said as quoted by Agerpres.

As for the author of the book, Marinela Ardelean is born in Transylvania but she also has Italian citizenship. In 2014 she was awarded the “best sommelier in Romania” title.

With two degrees in Law and Economic Sciences, a MBA diploma and numerous specializations in France, Italy and China, Marinela Ardelean speaks five languages, she is brand manager, writer, professor and expert in wine service as well as in wine and food pairing.

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