Bitdefender makes major donation for Brancusi’s ‘Wisdom of the Earth’

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Romanian Internet security software company Bitdefender is getting involved in supporting the national fundraising campaign to buy Constantin Brancusi’s “Wisdom of the Earth” famous sculpture. More precisely, Bitdefender donates EUR 100,000, meaning a little bit over EUR 100 for each of the company’s employees in Romania.

As we are multinational team worldwide, the more we cherish our origins: we proudly added the Bitdefender brand and promoted across the world elements from the Romanian people’s history. Our involvement in the national subscription campaign to purchase Brancusi’s piece is a natural one, typical to every citizen, to every team that is feeling the Romanian way, that respects the domestic cultural values and gets involved in the community’s causes,” said Florin Talpeş, CEO Bitdefender.

Two weeks ago, another major Romanian company, the Do-It-Yourself retailer Dedeman, made the largest donation so far for the “Wisdom of the Earth”: EUR 127,000.

Among other companies announcing their involvement in endorsing the national subscription campaign to buy Brancusi’s famous sculpture there are BRD, Uber, Enel, McDonald’s, Banca Transilvania, Omniasig, eMAG, UniCredit Bank România, Coresi, New Folder, Unlock, Media Trust, Telekom, Dexter Print, Humanitas and Cărturești bookshops.

Only one month is ahead until the public subscription for Brancusi’ ‘Wisdom of the Earth’ is ending. Culture Minister Corina Suteu informed in end-August that EUR 700,000 has been gathered to buy the most-wanted sculpture.

The minister also stated that the Romanian authorities might reconsider the initial strategy of giving back the money to their donors if the needed sum is not raised to purchase the sculpture.

The campaign is under way. There are EUR 700,000 raised. We said that if the money is not raised will give it back, but this issue might be reconsidered. What really matters is that a campaign for the Wisdom of the Earth stirred such an important debate in the Romanian society,” minister Suteu said back then.

The Romanian state must pay EUR 11 M to buy the sculpture from their current owners until October 31. The Government will allot EUR 5 M, with the other EUR 6 M to come from the Romanians’ donations.

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