“Body” awarded at Berlinale 2015 screened at the Bucharest European Film Festival

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“Body” by Małgorzata Szumowska, winner of the “Silver Bear” award for the best direction at the Berlin Film Festival last year will be screened for the first time in Romania at the closing gala of the European Film Festival in Bucharest. The movie will be also presented in Cluj-Napoca and Târgu Mureș.

“Body” will be screened at Elvira Popescu Cinema in Bucharest (77 Dacia Boulevard) on May 15th, at 19:30. The film could be seen at Arta Cinema (35-37 Piata Trandafirilor) in Târgu Mureș on May 22nd at 19:00 and at Mărăști Cinema (3 Aurel Vlaicu street) in Cluj on May 22nd, at 21:00.

“Body” is a drama shot in 2015 starring Janusz Gajos, Maja Ostaszewska, Justyna Suwała, Ewa Dałkowska and so on.

The action is occurring in Poland nowadays. A cynical prosecutor and his anorexic daughter are trying to find themselves, each in his own way, after the tragic death of the beloved person. When one day the girl’s therapist tells them that the deceased person contacted the girl and wants to send a message, they will be compelled to revise their concepts on life and death.

Three characters with fundamentally different perspectives on loss converge in Polish director’s movie whose peculiar sense of humor and competing points of view make for an almost cubist fruitcake comedy (…) Though Szumowska has constructed “Body” in such a way that domestic audiences should be reasonably amused, there’s potentially an added value for those who catch it on the festival circuit. As an anthropological comment on present-day Poland, the film depicts a country with a conflicted sense of self, torn between modern conveniences and a certain Old World mentality (neither the bureaucracy nor the plumbing seems to work correctly), Variety notes.

This year, Małgorzata Szumowska took part in the Berlinale jury in the section of the films running in the main competition.

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