Bringing culture closer to the people: Cinemascop film festival to kick off at the seaside soon


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The cultural life in Bucharest is definitely saturated. It doesn‘t matter which day of the week it is or what season, you can always choose from hundreds of cultural events. But it is not the same on the peripheries. How to bring accessible culture there, that is the question.

Culture will be one of the essential parts in the process of reducing the differences between the centre and the periphery. Together with good quality education, infrastructure and medical services it can do miracles. The Czech Centre Bucharest decided a few months ago to leave the capital city and come closer to the people, more precisely to Eforie Sud.

Czech Centre´s film festival Cinemascop will take place in the beginning of August at the seaside and its philosophy is based on putting the festival into the wider context of the place. First of all, the Czech Centre, together with the municipality, started to take care of an abandoned open air cinema from the 60´s. After almost 15 years the cinema will welcome the public again, showing that it is possible to make a change. Second of all, the program of the festival is made to suit people of all ages: workshops for children in the evening, after going to the beach, films for everybody after the sunset. Six European films of different genres will be screened, such as Andrei Cretulescu´s Charleston, in his presence, or the Golden Globe winner In the Fade, made by the famous director Fatih Akin.

The goal of the festival is to attract people living in the metropolitan area of Constanta and provide something new and original. Nevertheless, one of the most important aims is to show that change is possible, that culture can be accessible on the periphery and that people can take better care of the public space.

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