Bucharest Gaming Week returns with its third edition this autumn


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Bucharest Gaming Week, the event dedicated to the game development industry and video game enthusiasts in Romania, returns with its third edition on November 4-10 2019.

After the first two events of Bucharest Gaming Week that gathered more than 23,000 participants, from esports enthusiasts, dedicated gamers to game developers, the third edition announces a change: the central event will be held at the Palace of Parliament on the 9 and 10 of November.

In the three halls, Unirii, Take Ionescu and Ion I.C Bratianu, the gamers will meet the most popular Romanian streamers and vloggers, will discover the projects developed by the local game studios, will participate in various competitions and will also enjoy the strongest esports battles.

“We want that Romanian authorities to realize that in our country there is an industry that creates and produces video games which millions of people around the world are playing. We want them to find out that this creative industry brings over $150 million in the country annualy, and, at the same time, keeps the talented people in Romania and trains new ones. Therefore, at its third edition, we bring Bucharest Gaming Week to the Palace of Parliament “, says Tudor Dăescu, President of Gaming Week.

The first names announced at Bucharest Gaming Week are one of the most renowned gaming content creators: iRaphahell, jaxi, Bobospider, IceManLucky, Werty, zaSami. The guest list will be updated in the coming months.

During the week, Bucharest Gaming Week will focus on the values, opportunities and needs of the gaming industry in Romania through a series of events that will bring forth the talent and creativity of people who are developing video games in Romania: art exhibitions, industry conferences, game design workshops dedicated to students, competitions in the most popular gaming pubs and many more.

Tickets will be on sale in week May 13-19.

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