Bucharest National Opera denies access of dancers Johan Kobborg, Alina Cojocaru

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According to an internal document of the Bucharest National Opera (ONB), eight former employees of the institution, among whom there are also the former interim manager George Calin, the Danish choreographer Johan Kobborg and ballerina Alina Cojocaru, were denied to enter the Opera House anymore.

The document is issued by the Human Resources Department of the ONB and argues that the eight persons’ employment contracts have ceased. Their access inside the building was banned as of April 25.

On the other side, the protests continue on Tuesday at the Opera, with deputy premier Vasile Dancu being expected to come and talk with the Opera employees who are asking for a legitimate interim leadership.

Protesters are denouncing the pressures and are slamming that several shows had been cancelled due to the unclear problems within the management.

The Culture minister Vlad Alexandrescu has changed four interim directors at the Opera in the past weeks: George Călin, Tiberiu Soare, Vlad Conta and again George Călin, who had been eventually sacked after only a day following the employees’ protests against him. Several performances have been cancelled last week amid these tensions.

Disputes kicked off due to the disagreements between a part of the ballet corps which endorsed the Danish choreographer Johan Kobborg and the Romanian employees of the ONB, artists and dancers supporting conductors Tiberiu Soare and Vlad Conta.

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  1. Mihail Ghiga says

    As a romanian, an artist and an university teacher, my heart is very sad. We appreciate Alina and Johan and it’s a pity that they have to suffer this.
    This said, there is a strong possibility that the media campaign utlises them (AC and JK) to divert the attention from another topic, that is the criminal investigation which accuses the former opera management.
    The media mogul of the trust who mainly attaked the Opera artists was arrested by the anti-organised crime departement. On every TV, now, you can see him in his earlier years, intermediating the selling of babies for adoption (3500-7000 USD) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reZ8OWfddl8 , last part.
    Aswell, the most virulent blogger against the opera artists is in conflict of interests, as shown here:
    The team of the former management are provoking the artists in the Opera camp in a bad way, making them to say unwise thing.
    By instance, Irina Iordachescu, a normal and nice person and a respected artist, was called “that bleating, oversized alleged mezzosoprano who lives off the fat of her father’s reputation”. You can imagine how she feels now.
    I kindly ask you to represent both parts, the former management have a quite large media and advertising team, not to mention the trolls.
    The official release of the opera artists demands their right a correct management, denouncing all form of xenophoby.

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