Bucharest revealed as the 2nd cheapest of Europe’s top 30 clubbing destinations

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Europe can claim some of the world’s best nightlife – but where are the top destinations for a party weekend? With Ibiza’s opening parties marking the start of summer clubbing season, HomeToGo has researched the 30 best European destinations for nightlife and the cost of a night out in each. Bucharest was selected as one of the top destinations, and was revealed as the 2nd cheapest of the top 30.

The top 30 destinations were selected based on the concentration of nightlife venues and events listed. To rank them by price, HomeToGo researched the cost of club entry on a Saturday night, a small beer, a mixed drink, a 5-mile taxi journey and one night in a 4-person holiday rental in each destination.

Bucharest was #2 in the price ranking, with a night out and accommodation there costing just £29.77 in total – less than a tenth as much as the most expensive destination, Ibiza.

British travellers are lucky enough to have so many world-class nightlife destinations like Bucharest just a short plane ride away,” said Joanna Booth, Head of Inbound Marketing. “Bucharest’s bars and clubs offer a unique nightlife experience, and we’re excited to bring its club scene to more British travellers’ attention.”

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