Bucharest Short Film Festival at Cinemateca Eforie soon

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Bucharest Short Film Festival is coming back with the 4th edition between 14th and 20th of December, at Cinemateca Eforie, with a new selection of exceptional films awarded in the biggest film festivals around the world: Annecy, Bafta, Berlinale, Cannes, Clermont-Ferrand, Locarno, Oscar Academy Awards, Moscow, Palm Springs, Raindance, Venice, Sundance, Tribeca, Toronto, and others.

As always, BSFF proposes a visual journey in which innovation and creativity are priorities. 7 evenings with exciting, funny, hallucinating stories, from all over the world, with unexpected and unique perspectives.

3 nights with narrative films, one night with animation. one night with experimental film, fashion film and music video, the night with documentary and human rights film, and one night with student films.

Jury BSFF 2019 consists of: Sorin Baican [film editor, audio-visual producer http://www.studioset.tv/], Octavian Chiriac [animator 3D http://www.fatfoxanimation.com], Caroline Gombé [film, television and theater actress www.carolinegombe.com], Daniel Şerbănică [director of photography https://vimeo.com/user1604311], Bogdan Filip [director of photography and photographer], Stefan Crişan [music producer and sound editor], and Radu Munteanu, film producer and director, the initiator & the executive and artistic director of BSFF festival.

More information about the festival, the jury members, the program and the films selected in the fourth edition of BSFF, can be found on our website, www.bucharestshort.ro.

Films with English & Romanian subtitles.

Tickets for BSFF 2019 will be available in advance and throughout the festival, through www.eventbook.ro, partner points at Eventbook.ro, and during the festival, at Cinemateca Eforie, one hour before the projections.

BUCHAREST SHORT FILM FESTIVAL [BSFF] [www.bucharestshort.ro] is an annual event, designed with and for artists, to offer them a platform of free expression. An independent one.

INDEPENDENT, this is the keyword for BSFF. Because the festival was founded and organized by independent film professionals and focuses on independent cinema artists around the world. BSFF is an artistic alternative to what is shown in other festivals in Romania, with the aim of recognizing, presenting and spreading the most professional, innovative and exciting new international short films, always giving priority to independent films.

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