Bucharest’s Outline StreetArt Festival Transforms the City into an Open-Air Art Gallery


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Bucharest is witnessing the third edition of the Outline StreetArt Festival, a unique event in the capital that transforms the city into an open-air art gallery. Organized by the E.D.I.T Association and Sweet Damage Crew, the festival aims to bring street art closer to the residents of Bucharest through a series of 8 large-scale artworks, with the support of partners Sprite, Mega Mall Bucharest (Nepi RockCastle), and Sector 2 City Hall, through the Mihai Eminescu Cultural Center.

Graffiti 57 Mihai Bravu – Artist – LUX

Throughout October and November, 10 local artists will dedicate themselves to transforming the gray walls of buildings, alleyways, and heating stations in Sector 2 of Bucharest into genuine works of art. At the end of the festival, 8 large-scale murals will have been completed, covering an area of over 1,000 square meters. The completed artworks can be found at the following locations: 11 Cernăuți Street (Artist: Boeme), 11 Chișinău Boulevard (Artist: John S.), 237 Pantelimon Boulevard (Artist: KAPS CREW), and 57 Mihai Bravu Boulevard (Artist: LUX), eagerly awaiting viewing, photography, and sharing on social media.

Two more large-scale walls, located on heavily trafficked boulevards, are currently in progress. These walls will feature important Romanian sports figures, and the organizers expect these two street artworks to become landmarks in the city.

“The Outline StreetArt Festival is a celebration of urban art and creativity in the heart of Bucharest. We are proud to provide local artists with a platform to express their talent and add color to the public space. We are eager to share this unique experience with our community and contribute to the development of the city’s street art scene. The festival has grown year by year, with people excited about our initiatives, and we hope that in the future, the event will be recognized as one of the most important graffiti festivals in Europe,” says Liviu Zorilă, the director of the E.D.I.T. Association, the festival’s organizer.

Graffiti 237 Pantelimon – Artist KAPS CREW

Through these initiatives, Outline StreetArt has solidified its position as the largest graffiti festival in Bucharest, transforming thousands of square meters of gray building surfaces into genuine works of art. The event not only brings art closer to the community but also supports cultural development and urban revitalization, following the model of other capital cities in Western Europe.

The third edition of the festival, which started on October 6th in Tei Park with a series of graffiti, stencil, and linocut workshops, once again puts urban artists in the spotlight, offering them a platform to express their creativity and bring color and life to the city.

The festival will conclude in November with guided tours.

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