„Carmina Burana” by the Flamenco Ballet in Madrid presented in Bucharest this autumn

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The Flamenco Ballet in Madrid, one of the most prestigious flamenco dance company in the world, will be in Romania this autumn, to prove live that the famous Spanish dance is an art, the life itself, a passion universe, a dance of sensuality, seduction, suffering and joy.

Conducted by the artistic director Luciano Ruiz, over 30 international renowned artists, musicians and dancers, will perform at Sala Palatului in Bucharest on November 24, starting 19:30 hrs in an impressive visual show, „Carmina Burana”.Carmina Burana photo4

„Carmina Burana” had its premiere in 1937 but it still fascinates the audience worldwide. The Madrid dance company’s staging is dubbed as the most expressive and cheered one, a ravishing, daring show. The dancers made a mix of 21 medieval profane and sacred poems harmoniously combined with the flamenco dance.

The second part of the show, the flamenco company in Madrid invites the audience to join a fiesta, a real party of the flamenco.Carmina Burana Photo8

Tickets have been put up for sale and are available at Sala Palatului and through the Bilete.ro, Bilet.ro and Eventim.ro networks. The prices range from RON 199 (VIP category), RON 160 (1st category) to RON 120 (2nd category) and RON 80 (3rd category).

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