Christmas traditions in photo exhibit at Bran Castle, Brasov

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Between December 6 2014 and January 7 2015 Bran Castel hosts photo exhibition ‘SARA D-AST? SAR?’ (Tonight) showing groups of young men from Pojorta, Fagaras in a collection by engineer Ioan Giungara.

Photos will take tradition lovers through history and evolution of the young fellows’ covey in Fagaras village from the beginning of the 20th century until nowadays. Traditional costumes and props of young fellows with flag from Pojorta Village, of young fellows with tipcat from Olt County and Daisoara Village with young fellows with bat will be displayed.

Folkloric Assemble from Pojorta, D?i?oara, Dumbr?vi?a, Poiana M?rului and ?irnea will bring Christmas Carols and good wishes every weekend at Bran Castle.

In 2013 UNESCO recognised these beautiful and complex Christmas customs as being part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

During winter holidays, Bran Castle is open to the public as usual.

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