Cinema, theatre top Bucharesters’ leisure choices. How seldom are the Capital city dwellers walking in the park?

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Bucharesters are huge fans of open-air walks and cultural events, particularly cinema and theatre, reveals a study conducted by the National Institute for Research and Cultural Formation during July-September 2015 and commissioned by ArCuB cultural centre.

Thus, almost 81 percent of the Bucharest inhabitants say that they were in the park or other green areas at least once a month or more frequently. 64.3 pc of the respondents said they go to the mall at least once a month, 59 % – go to church and 30.3% to the gym or fitness.

At the same time, Bucharesters seem to be strong consumers of cultural events. About 20 pc admitted they had never gone to any public cultural event in the past year.

Those who do attend leisure events mostly prefer to go to the cinema, local events, theatre or to attend traditional fairs. Bucharesters are not such big fans of opera, comic opera, philharmonics or the library.

The study revealed that going to the cinema at least once or twice a year has been the most frequent type of cultural consumption in Bucharest last year.

46% of the Bucharesters older than 14 years went to the cinema at least once in the past year. 48.8% of the cinemagoers went to see a movie at the multiplex cinema and 30.2% at a classic cinema.

As for the theatre fans, 38% prefer to see comedies, 31.2% to the classic theatre performances, and 17% want to see contemporary theatre shows.

30% stated they went to visit the city museums once or twice a year or more frequently.

The study also shows that 78.5% of the Capital city dwellers inform themselves about the cultural events available in Bucharest from commercials, mass media, or hear about them on TV or at the radio.

When it comes to reading, six in ten Bucharesters say that they had read a book in the past 12 months, while only one in ten had read a magazine.

More than a quarter of the Bucharest population (26.9%) would rather watch TV, an average of 2 hours every day, while 24.7% are watching TV only an hour per day.

The highest TV consumption and the lowest reading interest were registered in the District 3, although it is the district hosting the most cultural sights, monuments and performance locations in Bucharest. TV also goes off in District 1 and 2 (with the oldest population reported), but at least there is a higher interest in reading books here.

District 5 and 6 are mostly dwelled by youngsters, so they are keener to the indoor digital consumption (Internet, music and film).

However, households in Bucharest boast high technological equipment. Most of them have a TV set, a computer or laptop, smartphone or mobile phone.

As for hobbies, most Bucharesters’ hobby is dance (35%) and photography (21%), with others being writing poetry or fiction, traditional handicraft, music or singing.

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