Cinepolitica returns – 4 days of political film in Bucharest

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“The Factory” – directed by Yury Bykov, opens the 8th edition of the festival.


Cinepolitica International Film Festival, the only Central and Eastern European film festival dedicated to political film, returns on April 18th to 21st, in Bucharest, at Cinema Elvire Popesco.

After an agitated 2018, full of important political events in Romania and around the world, Cinepolitica returns with its eighth edition, where viewers will be able to see the newest and most impactful political films, fiction films or documentaries, combined under the slogan “Not so politically correct“.

We have reached the eighth edition of Cinepolitica, keeping unaltered the same desire: to present films from cultural spaces and historical moments as varied as possible, but dealing with fundamental issues relevant to each of us. We are constantly trying to bring to the public productions that can have a real impact without compromising. If we talk about fictional films, artistic value remains paramount, and for documentaries we always take into account the informative content, which must be as crisp and fresh as possible. We are still convinced that, in the end, only the viewer, by his own analysis, will decide his position and opinion in the most democratic way possible,” says Marius Copel, the festival’s selector.

The newest film by Russian director Yury Bykov, The Factory, will open the 8th edition of the International Film Festival Cinepolitica, Thursday, April 18th, 20 PM, at Cinema Elvire Popesco.

The film tells the story of a well-connected local oligarch, Kalugin (Andrey Smolyakov), who decides to shut down the factory he owns. Reason enough for a group of unpaid workers to kidnap him to recover their wages. Driven by the mysterious Alexei (Denis Shvedov), whose motives are far from clear, and cornered by the police and the protectors of Kalugin, the kidnapping becomes a true tour de force of action, drama and suspense.

Yury Bykov is a director, screenwriter and actor born in 1981 in Russia. He studied acting at the Gerasimov Film Institute (VGIK) and after graduating in 2005 he played for several Moscow theaters. He also directed: short film “The Boss” (2009), feature length “Live!” (2010) and the feature film “The Major” (2013) selected in the Cannes Critics’ Week, which brought him international recognition. His fourth film, and most recently, The Factory, had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, in the Contemporary World Cinema section.

Organized by the Culture and Imagination Association, the Cinepolitica International Film Festival is sponsored by the National University of Theater and Film “I.L. Caragiale “(NUTF) and the National Arts University (UNArte). The event is funded by the National Center of Cinematography (CNC) and is part of the series of projects of the Romania-France Season.

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