CinePOLSKA – Movies about courage in Bucharest

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The Polish Film Days- CinePOLSKA are running between November 27-29 and during December 4-6 in Bucharest, comprising six of the most interesting movies made in Poland in the past months. Screenings are kicking off on November 27, while being the wider presentation of the Polish cinema in Romania ever, under „the courage umbrella.”

„Most of the films screened at this year’s edition of CinePOLSKA are depicting real stories. By watching them, you can find out less known events in the history of Poland and Europe but also people who attended them,” said Agnieszka Skieterska, director of the Polish Institute in Bucharest, which is the organizer of the events.

„Some films we’ve selected broke every record on attendance- they have been watched by over 2 million cinema-goers. We want to show at CinePOLSKA what are the topics that the Polish film directors are interested in and which of them are mostly liked by the audience. I hope the Romanian audience will know us better due to this selections,” Agnieszka Skieterska added.

CinePOLSKA starts on November 27 at 8 p.m. with „the Gods” movie, a story about Zbigniew Religa, an eminent heart surgeon whoset up the grounds, on his own forces, a heart transplant program in Poland in the early 80s. The movie made in the Hollywood style by young director Lukasz Palkowski, was awarded the big prize at Gdynia Polish Films Festival in Poland.

The second movie in the program is „Jack Strong” directed by Wladyslaw Pasikowski, one of the best directors of action films in Poland. The movie is presenting the real story of Ryszard Kuklinski, a Polish officer who, wanting to save the world from the edge of the WWIII, delivered secret documents from ther Warsaw Treaty to the Americand, by risking his own life and the one of his family. Due to these actions, Kuklinski had to escape communist Poland with the help of U.S secret services.

Today’s youngsters and their values system are embodied by Anna Kazejak in „The Promise” film, which make everyone contemplate on values like fidelity, devotion and courage, but also on the communication barries between the youth and grown ups.

„Warsaw 44”, directed by 34-year-old director Jan Komasa, is the next movie screened, it’s the epic story of a young generation who took part in the Warsaw Uprising in 1944, addressing the young audience on the youth heroism using language, music and images familiar to the the contemporary spectator.

„The Photographer” whodunit by Waldemar Krzystek will also be available for the Romanian movie lovers.

The Polish Film Days are ending on December 6 with a comedy frequently compared to ‚dark chocolate’. „The Citizen” by Jerzy Stuhr, is laughing at Poland’s historical mythology.

CinePOLSKA screenings are organized by the Polish Institute in Bucharest and the Filmmakers Association in Poland, with the support of the Polish Cinema Art Institute and in partnership with France Embassy and the French Institute in Bucharest.

The films presented at CinePOLSKA will be also available in other Romanian cities in the spring of next year.

CinePOLSKA films, subtitled in Romanian, are screened at Elvira Popescu Cinema (77Dacia Boulevard) and they all start at 8 p.m.

Tickets available at the cinema’s booking office and at The event’s program at

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