Cluj-Napoca, for the first time host of the 5th edition of World Experience Festival

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For the first time in World Experience Festival’s history, the edition this year takes place the between 13-16 June, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in a unique show of music and sounds of the world.

The event, organised by ESCU Association, features art, music and dance performances, conferences, talks and workshops with musicians and artists from all over the world. Attendees will enjoy continuous performances throughout the four days festivity, in several venues: The National Theatre (June 13 and June 15), The Students’ Community Centre (June 13 and June 16) and at the Casino-Centre of Urban Culture (from June 13 to June 16).

The 5th edition of WE Festival, named “Unheard Music” will revolve around, as the name suggests, the world of music and sounds, offering the audience the opportunity to experiment the fascinating specter of music from all around the world in so many ways: inspiring musical conferences & talks, musical art, workshops for all ages and, of course, a curated live artistic program that will involve a multidimensional musical dialogue, ranging from native and ethnic music to electronic beats and music with roots in folk rituals and ceremonies.

The festival will have a multidisciplinary educational approach to enhance the recognition and understanding of the world’s great cultures, from their traditional artistic expressions to their contemporary educational forms.

This festival is a place where the world meets in various interactive forms of culture, dialogue, keynotes, workshops, panels, art installations, concerts, gastronomy and concept events.

The World Experience Festival has the mission to expose the richness of the world arts from less known areas, such as Africa, the Far East, or Insular and Peninsular Asia, so that the project will take all efforts to create a dialogue between East and West. WEF is an ambitious platform of cultural diplomacy that wants to encourage listening “to the other”, through a cultural and artistic content that brings up the universality of music and its force to reveal the links among the world cultures through the fact that we can communicate to one another without words,” said Andreea Dănescu, founder and manager World Experience Festival.

First artists confirmed


Artists from various corners of the world (Senegal, Indonesia, Thailand, Iraq, Spain, Iran, Switzerland, Sweden, Haiti, Egypt, India, the Netherlands, etc) will perform exotic shows of music and dance, some as a first, in a colorful, fairy-tale setting.

Pape Djiby Ba & Afro Swiss Orchestra – Senegal-Switzerland-France

Tarabband – Iraq/Egypt, Sweden

Lions of AfricaSenegal / Western African countries

Moonlight BenjaminHaiti / France

Lela Soto Trio FlamencoSpain

JMO – Switzerland, Senegal, Israel

Other artists: Indonesian Baroque ft.Riefkie & Akbar from West Java, Bandung, Mozayek from Syria, Roots Revival, featuring Mehdi Aminian (Iran), Mohamad Zatari (Syria) and Michael Acher (Germany), Apichat Pakwan, a group of musicians from Thailand and the Netherlands.

Tickets and passed for the entire period of the festival have been put up for sale at prices starting RON 53, they are available here.

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