Cluj Napoca hosts the first mobile planetarium in Romania


The first mobile planetarium in Romania is in Cluj Napoca on Saturday and Sunday, next to the Curiosity robot. Children were very interested in particular, with hundreds queuing to see it and learn more facts about the universe in an event initiated by the Pluto Astronomy Association.

“Visitors will be able to find out more abou the outer space, constellations, asteroids, universe explorers, Galileo Galilei or Curiosity robot, as part of a series of spectacular projections accompanied by interactive presentations in a mobile dome 8 meter in diameter and 5 meter high. (…) The project is unique in terms of education and interactivity,” organizers told Agerpres.

The event in Cluj Napoca, entitled “Explorers of the Universe: Galileo Galilei and Curiosity robot”, also included a 1:1 map of Cluj sky with explanations, information on space explorers, constellations and planets, but also a 3D projection of moving asteroids that can be watched without special glasses. The visitors are also taken by Hubble telescope in different corners of the universe.

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